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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Those damned politicians

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Bailout Plan, Politicians.

Odd. Even-handed criticism, a grain of truth, not totally unfunny.

Is it guest author day at King Features Syndicate?


factinista said...

And naturally Mallard fails to realize that, as a journalist, he just did the exact thing that he was criticizing.

fuckreagan said...

We can, still, find many complaints:

* Mallard does not specify the plan because Bruce Tinsley is lazy and pedantic.
* Sentences shoud not start with prepositions or conjunctions.
* Mallard complains about journaistic cliches; how ironic, since everything he says is Repubican bullshit.
* Mallard completely misunderstands the relationship between Main and Wall Street.

Bruce Tinsley, even at his best,is a shitty cartoonist.

fuckreagan said...

I have another complaint: This is an ancient joke. Bruce Tinsley could replace journalists, Main and Wall stret with X, Y and Z
and use this for anything. "We'll lower taxes every time politicians say, 'deficit' and 'promises.

12xuser said...

Is this the dawning of a new era for Mallard Fillmore? One in which Mallard points out the obvious glaring flaws of today's journamalism without clumsily attempting to graft them to liberalism? One in which readers left and right can open the newspaper every morning and laugh at the adventures of a plucky reporter-duck? Will Mallard reach out to people of all political stripes and become a uniter, not a divider?

. . . naah.

Anonymous said...

So, um, does the tax also apply to the members of the McCain/Palin campaign (who seem to be the main proponent of the phrase)?

DeKay said...

Not funny. Not amusing. Even people with severe dementia are sometimes coherent.
Mallard Fillmore is the tarry stool of right wing cartoonists. Tinsley's work can be described with only three words: ugly, uglier and ugliest . Today's is just ugly.

GeoX said...

Sentences should not start with prepositions or conjunctions.

Please don't say that. My students have enough trouble with ACTUAL grammatical rules without being bogged down with nonsensical, bullshit rules like these.

(and the actual bullshit rule is that sentences shouldn't END with prepositions--nothing about starting)

rewinn said...

Today's strip was actually kind of mainstream; perhaps the sheer dreadful extremeness of today's politics have warped time and space so that Mallard is meeting himself around the curve of space-time.

But there's evidence that today's strip was drawn by someone else: the first ellipsis has only THREE periods!

factinista: LOL good point! Today's strip had an unusually identifiable punch line, but to be REALLY funny, it would've ended with Mallard going " D'oh!" and throwing money into the Bailout Jar.