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Thursday, October 30, 2008

That damned racism

What's Mallard raving about today?


I'd love to take Mallard to task for the bronzed Obama lawn sign, but since his colorists are probably saving their sanity by not paying attention to what they are coloring, I'll suffice it to say: does Mallard really believe lawn signs are that big?

And yes, I am ignoring Mallard's complaints about not being allowed to be as racist as he wants to be.


exanonymous said...

Who exactly is the kid dressed up as?

A communist? I mean, "free candy" and "spread the wealth" (picture that being said with McCain quotin' fingers!)

Hehe. I used the c-word!

GeoX said...

In all seriousness: no, Obama isn't going to be a perfect president; you'd have to be pretty naive to imagine that he is. Nonetheless, he at least offers the possibility of some sort of healing after the past eight years of blood and shit; he actually makes people idealistic and fires up their imaginations--including people who've never cared about politics before in their life. There's something pretty inspiring about that.

And what's Tinsley's response to that? Hur hur, Obama's so pee see and look, all his supporters are dirty hippies and ugly lesbians. It's entirely meanspirited. For Tinsley, change and hope and national healing are stupid and laughable concepts, deserving only of contempt. He's a burnt-out husk of a man with an ugly soul. It would be enough to make one feel sorry for him if he weren't given a national venue to spit his venom at us every goddamn day of the week.

Anthony said...

Just to point out: In my local newspaper (Newsday covering Long Island in the NYC suburbs), the Obama sign had all the proper blue, white and red coloring of the standard Obama '08 sign. I thought it ironic because it stood out on the comics page - almost like a free political ad... So thank you, dumb duck!

NLC said...

OK, so here's the sad part...

The main source of my daily comics fix, the Boston Globe, went through a major comics page revamp last weekend which included adding a few new strips and puzzles, colorizing the dailies, and --Taa! Dah!-- dumping Mallard.

OK, as you may have guessed, that's not the sad part. The sad part is now that I don't "have" to read it each day, I still subject myself to it by actively coming to this page and exerting effort to read it.

How masochistic is that?

factinista said...

nlc, you should just think of this as your constant reminder of the intellectual bankruptcy of the Republican Party.

rewinn said...

My friends, you have completely misunderstood today's strip.

Isn't "free candy" communistic? Angry-pro-Obama-lady clearly disapproves of candy redistribution, and therefore McCain's end-of-campaign desperation attack.

She also disapproves to the white-guy scare-mask.

With all of the above PLUS the large pro-Obama sign, Tinkley is clearly coming out in support of the Democratic nominee for president!

Welcome abroad, Mallard - Obama really is a uniter!

exanonymous said...

Rewinn, your Freudian slip in the last sentence made me laugh.

Robert said...

Agreed. I would love to send Bruce Tinsley traveling abroad. Just so we're clear- being shot to the moon in a rocket with no food or water aboard counts as traveling abroad, right?

Michael said...

The grumpy old lady is a McCain supporter who has stolen the Obama sign from someone's lawn. Since Republicans are the ones who see socialism in everything, she clearly misinterpreted the kid's comment - as easily as, say, mistaking a graduated income tax for socialism, or listening to Obama state that funding inner city schools as well as the white schools was a goal for the 60s civil rights movement, and misinterpreting that as advocating socialism.

Lady, a graduated income tax isn't socialism, and neither is giving away candy on Halloween. Give up the Werther's Originals.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Robert, I wouldn't want to risk the possibility of some kind of accident or alien encounter that ends up with Tinsley populating an entire planet.

Let's send him to Myanmar instead - maybe that will temper his permanent persecution complex a little, and show him what socialism really looks like.

fuckreagan said...

No, Tinsley is not so subtle. Had this been written by Jim Davies or Berke Breathed in his Bloom County days, the "Obama is a Communist" interpretation might have been correct and a satire of Tinsley's ideas. Tinsley is saying that Obama supporters hate children and refuse to give support to the needy. I hate how childre scream and shit themselves so I guess that if I believed this bullshit, the intended effect would be nullified.

Kaitlyn said...

If you're young enough to trick or treat, you don't give a damn about politics.

Just candy.

As for yard signs and Halloween - I think I'd take mine down, no matter who I supported. I don't want it stolen or ruined or anything. Or the sign to act as a reason to do anything stupid to my property. It just makes sense - you bring your pets in on Halloween for safety reasons.

I think we wouldn't have to fear bad pranks if it was culturally acceptable to beg for candy after hitting puberty.

K.T. said...

I certainly have seen signs that large... they were all McCain-Palin signs, but that's neither here nor there.

Anonymous said...

A few cartoons for the Mallard Fillmore followers. Cartoon1
Cartoon2I know this group will find them amusing.

fuckreagan said...

I want to apologize for something. I, previously, said that McCain had been associated with William Ayers. I had confused Ayers with John Hagee, McCain's preacher. Sorry for the confusion.

MartyRotten said...

Gold plated sign aside, ugly liberal/feminist/tired old stereotype aside. Why does Mallard Fillmore have the kid dressing as a middle aged balding accountant? I mean come on! Wouldn't a kid be dressed as a cowboy or Batman or a pirate? How out of touch is this Tinsley character?

rewinn said...

MartyRotten: what is more frightening to a reichwinger than a forensic accoutant?

They got Ted Stevens.

They're getting a lot of other Republicans (...ironically, the total GOP control of Congress in Bush's 1st term meant that it wasn't worth bribing most Democrats. Take heed Dems; don't repeat your predecessors mistakes!)

Anyway, Tinkley may be hinting at his deepest fears with that accountant mask.

(P.S. "abroad" OMG my fingers are smarter than my brain! I do think Myanmar is lovely this time of year...)