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Thursday, October 23, 2008

That damned Tina Fey

What's Mallard raving about today?

Sarah Palin, Tina Fey.

When you are 3 weeks behind the news, this is exactly the kind of commentary you should not make.


NLC said...

Let me phrase this slightly differently:

Is there a 5th grader in the country who hasn't already made this joke?

Klinger said...

Based on the word balloon, I think it's the box talking. So the joke here is that even inanimate objects recognize that Sarah Palin resembles Tina Fey.

Tomorrow the box will notice that Obama rhymes with Osama.

GeoX said...

Tinsley is inverting the signified and the signifier, demonstrating that they have no stable values.

Well, either that or he's a complete hack. It's impossible to say for sure!

rewinn said...

Based on the word balloon...

My theory is that the balloon originally pointed at one of the humans, but even a cartoon character would rebel at being given just a lame "joke".

(It's worth noting that, on the evidence, Mallard has basically given up on the McCain/Palin ticket.)

Factinista said...

Really, it's rather surprising to me that Mallard hasn't jumped on the "Palin is the Messiah" bandwagon. Although, if the election has wrapped up to the point that even Mallard can tell it's over, that can't be a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

"Fuckreagan" here.

Sarah Palin, politically, is like Stephen Colbert without the satire. Her presidency would, probably, be as horrifying and humorless as the last decade of Saturday Night Live, the last eight years of The Daily Show and the entirety of Friends and Father of The Pride. She would be as effective a leader as that fourth rate clown John Stewart is a host of The Daily Show. I would, rather, be tortured by Jack Bauer than led by Sarah Palin.

Kaitlyn said...

What is the point of this?

I don't quite understand it - he's saying people recognize Tina Fey rather than Sarah Palin? I don't think they look that alike, but I haven't watched SNL in about 4 years, so I've just seen the pictures on yahoo's main page EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Kaitlyn said...

Anon/FR - you're kinda creeping me out. (Not today, but just in general.)

And you don't have to be anonymous. See the names that aren't links? Yeah.

Scanman said...

I guess Tinsley hopes that Obama supporter are too slow witted and will vote for him on November 26th.

fuckreagan said...

Thanks for showing me that I can still post my name. I am sorry for creeping you out? Sorry, I do not wish to sound creepy but Tinsley and the other Republicans make me very angry. I think sounding truly lucid is difficult when dealing with somene as crazy as Tinsley. I tend to be very open about my opinion and am, sometimes, misunderstood. I will try to calm down.

Anonymous said...

"kaitlyn" is right but she was much too kind. I must say that you are probably a young person who believes he has all the answers but no experience. Instead you make a total fool of yourself trying to impress us.

Kaitlyn should have said "you are a commplete and total asshole." She would than have been correct.

Guy Fawkes said...

nlc said:
> Is there a 5th grader in the
> country who hasn't already made
> this joke?

I have a daughter in fifth grade and I regularly run Mallard by her, as I did today. She gave her usual response, looking puzzled at today's panel and said: "I don't get it. How is this funny, dad?"

Same from my wife, same from my 17 year old son.

It's like our daily mantra.

rewinn said...

A flamewar between dueling anonymice is truly more meaningless than usual.

Move on folks! Nothin' to see here.

GeoX said...

I have to agree. Your flame warring would at the very least carry more semiotic weight if you gave yourself a name.