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Thursday, October 02, 2008

That damned intolerance

What's Mallard raving about today?

Feminists, Sarah Palin.

I am totally confused.

Isn't voting against someone whose positions are antithetical to everything you believe known as "Democracy"?

Would this Straw Man argument be any more or less accurate if it showed an "aging Neo-Con" who won't vote for Barack Obama because he is handsome, pro-choice, liberal, and black?

Or is the point that only liberals and feminists desire to be known as "tolerant" (the aging Neo-Con is perfectly happy being known as an intolerant bigot) so the criticism of this Straw Man is that they are a hypocrite?

Seriously, what the hell is Mallard even trying to say?

Additional comment: at first I thought it said "petty, pro-life, conservative woman" which is pretty much why many people won't vote for Palin, except that Mallard forgot to mention that she is also dangerously unqualified.


Duck Hunter said...


Feminist Caricature: It’s pathetic of Tinsley to imply that I can’t really justify my opposition to a candidate whose position on every issue important to me is antithetical to mine. As if all I ever look for in a candidate is that she be female.

Even a cartoon-feminist drawn poorly by a sophomoric drunkard is capable of more complexity of thought than that.

12xuser said...

Tinsley believes that for liberals, identity politics trumps all; that given a choice, a liberal will always vote for someone who looks like them.

Thus his confusion when something happens that proves that this is not the case.

Robert said...

Call me biased, but I'd like the President and VP to be extraordinarily qualified. And between you and me, I also discriminate heavily who works on my car. Or performs open-heart surgery on me. Or does my taxes. Or fixes my roof.

Rootbeer said...

"Thus his confusion when something happens that proves that this is not the case."

Like white people voting for a candidate who is only partially white.

exanonymous said...

Reasons why feminists won't vote for Palin:

1) "pretty". It's the first adjective that Tinsley used, and naturally he wouldn't see the problem. Does that mean women can't be pretty or be called pretty? No, but it shouldn't be the first listed quality of a vice-presidential candidate. I'd aim first for something that indicated brains and integrity, and "pretty" does not do this. And no, I'm not a jealous fat-hag aging librul.

2) Pro-life. You know, that doesn't come up as much as the rape kits. I'm personally not bitter towards pro-life folks, provided they make allowances for the fact that every woman pregnant will now be bearing a child to term that will need to be raised and cared for. Charging money for rape kits is not a step in that direction.

3) Conservative. Uh, we've had conservative. And since those conservatives are married, we're aware that there are conservative women.

4) Vice President. That's actually a problem. Palin would be McCain's right-hand woman. But she would obey him. She would take his views on things. She would be his mouthpiece. She was shielded initially from the media storm by him. Not exactly strengthening the independent woman image here, now is it?

factinista said...

I think it's more that we aren't ready for a vice president who thinks seeing Russia from her house is foreign policy experience.

And doesn't know what the Bush Doctrine is.

And can't explain her running mate's positions on deregulation.

And can only answer questions with invariable talking points.

Mallard puts the fact that she's a woman before everything else. Who's the real sexist here?

rewinn said...

12xuser: I think Tinsley doesn't "believe" that, necessarily; it's just a line that he pushes when its convenience.

IIRC he was telling us that so many whites are voting for Obama that it's annoying Jesse Jackson.

Of course, maybe I'm wrong; the mere fact that the one strip contradicts the other strip doesn't mean that he doesn't believe in at least one of them; he might just be incapable of seeing the contradiction.

That's a very important ability in a rightwinger.

Kaitlyn said...

This hurts my brain.

You notice this feminist isn't wearing a dress? That's how we know she's a feminist.

Oh. Pretty! He's saying Hillary is ugly.

I'm confused. The feminist is upset about McCain because he's gonna win, and Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton are upset because Barack will win.

Dude's lost it.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

Kaitlyn -- Of course Hillary's ugly! Have you seen her caricatures?