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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Those damned lawmakers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Congress, the Bailout.

Mallard Fillmore, otherwise known as Confessions of a Tiny, Tiny Mind.

Argue however you want about the bailout, but it takes a special type of blind idiocy to suggest that preventing the financial system from melting down represents not "thinking about" the taxpayers.

But given that Mallard's ability to grasp complex issues boils down to: if it affects my taxes and/or the government was involved, I hate it, it's hardly a surprising take on it.


exanonymous said...

It's hilarious because if democrats had voted down a conservative created bill to bail out the financial institutions and Tinsley was for it, then you would see the exact same comic.

But it crossed party lines in the Senate anyways. I'd rather my tax money go towards something to keep the economy stable even if it's a bandaid instead of an ongoing war.

12xuser said...

Wow. Today he actually wrote out the unspoken prefix to every one of his comics: "Remember that time, a few weeks ago . . . ."

rewinn said...

exanonymous: yes! but you're overthinking it. The reichwing script is:

Democratic Congress: bad!
Republican Executive: good!

This will change soon; in January, the Republican obstructionists in the Senate become their heroes, plus an anti-liberal block on the Supreme Court. It's 1932 all over again!


12xuser: Good spot! It was nice of Tinkley to remind us he's always behind the news.

This leads to a happy thought: there must already be in existence the Nov 5 "Mallard" attacking Obama for winning!

Michael said...

Why are legislators discussing their constituents, when they are clearly in the middle of a mudslide?

Anonymous said...

"Fuckreagan" here.

I notice that Tinsley implies Congress almost never helps the common man and is, therefore, cruel. What a hypocrite, since he, only, wishes to support the very rich. Fuck Tinsley.