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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Those damned list of things

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Racism.

Dear Mallard,

Regarding your list:

1. Prevailing opinion was that saying "that one" was disrespectful, not racist.

2. Nice timing bringing up Sarah Palin's clothes.

3. Prevailing opinion is that Bill Ayers is irrelevant or has already been factored into people's opinion, that the vitriol and language were completely out of bounds, and that this was an attack on Obama's patriotism, not his race.

Given these factors, we are not paying you today.


King Features Syndicate


exanonymous said...

Dear Mallard,

I agree. Saying that everything is racist trivializes racism. Especially when you use it to straw-victimize yourself from the straw-man.

Evil Liberal

PS. Straw man + dead horse != joke.

NLC said...

Another episode of "Write Your Own Anti-McCain/Palin/Bush Mallard Strip":

"Has it ever occurred to you that calling everything ________ trivializes real _______?"

1] Terrorist/terrorism
2] Socialist/socialism
3] Liberal/liberalism
4] Pro-big-government/big-government
5] (Make up your own!!!)

rewinn said...


Mallard keeps trying to feed the straw man to the dead horse. No wonder he's so frustrated!


Has it ever occurred to the GOP that calling everything "voting fraud" trivializes real election fraud?

GOP: "Yes, that's the intent"

factinista said...

Given that Mallard brings out the "calling everything racist" card every time a black person is mentioned, what does that say about him?

GeoX said...

Ya know, Tinz, normal, non-racist people don't spend their every waking moment obsessing about what they are or aren't "allowed" to say and how ineffably unfair the whole thing is. Just a little tip. You sound, oh, I don't know...bitter? Like a typical white person? It's not a pretty sight.

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley is just mad because we have discovered that everything in his strip is racist. Caveman stereotypes are Black stereotypes, "government employee" is a euphemism foor a lazy minority, he hates Obama because he is Black, he has violated Godwin's Law regarding China and many other examples.

Michael said...

I get the feeling the final Mallard Fillmore strip will resemble Michael Richards' last comedic performance.

Anonymous said...

The blog author said: "Prevailing opinion is that Bill Ayers is irrelevant." So, I guess the same can be said for the Rev. Wright? Those who think they are both relevant concerning Obamas views and what he stands for are racist, correct?

Because some of us believe that Obama is the worst person to ever run for President of this country and that the man is dangerous is only because he is Black, and we are racists, okay so far?

Question is the new member of this group "fuckreagan" the brother of "geox" or the son of "rewinn"?

Oh sorry, I guess this last comment is also somehow racist.

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley, I know you wrote this. William Ayers, unlike Wright, has said terrible things. Anyone who believes that McCain's views are separate from Ayers must have the same opinion of Obama and Wright, otherwise, he is a hypocrite.

I did not steal ideas from either of those men. I, unlike you, have the ability to form a opinion. My complex beliefs are dictated by evidence and thought not the demands of a single political system.

Do not presume to know my beliefs based on your stereotypes; please, only interpret liberals and minorities in this way (since you always do.)

rewinn said...

If anonymous coward (who may well be Tinkley, here looking for some attention from the last bunch of people who actually read his strip) cannot tell fuckreagon from geox and either of them from me, I suggest he switch to a better form of alcohol.

The DT's are not pretty.

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley, assuming you're still reading this, I have a tip. ABABCDCDEFEFGG was a rhyme scheme used in William Shakespeare's sonnets. He was one of the gretest writers in history, thus the rhyme scheme is perfect for a "Mallentine." I wrote a poem, regarding my opinion of you, in that scheme and posted it in a comment on a previous article. Please, find the poem and use its scheme and scansion in your writing.

GeoX said...

Oh, you know Tinzanonymous: when he's in his cups--which is, uh, frequently--everyone looks more or less the same, as do the blurry people who aren't actually there.

I don't think he actually meant to admit to being a racist in his second paragraph--presumably the Demon Rum is to blame for the mangled sentence structure, along with everything else--but the proof is in the pudding. Go Go Tinzanonymous@

Michael said...

freagan, don't inspire Tinsley to write more poetry... I beg of you...

exanonymous said...

Naturally, Obama's association with Ayers and Wright is unforgivable while Palin's and McCain's with various other crazies is forgivable.

It just supports my thoery that everyone knows someone crazy. That being said, I'm more disturbed by the fact that McCain and Palin both act crazy. Ayers and Wright will not be in office. And neither will Kroon or Parsley.

You know what scares me? When McCain said he knows how to find and capture Bin Laden. But apparently, unless we elect him president, we'll never have that happen.

Blackmailing voters with fear is how dictators get elected.

NLC said...

"Anonymous" writes:
Because some of us believe that Obama is the worst person to ever run for President of this country and that the man is dangerous is only because he is Black, and we are racists, okay so far?

Two obvious points:

1] As should be clear, the only folks bringing up the issue of racism in this context has been Tinsley and his ilk.

2] To seriously suggest that Obama is "worst person to ever run for President" and is "dangerous" --after having lived through the administrations of Reagan and both Bushes-- doesn't make you racist. It does, however, make you seriously out of touch with the real world.

rewinn said...

"...It just supports my theory that everyone knows someone crazy.....

Everyone "here" has been palling around with Tinsley, at least in the blogsphere.

Q.E.D. !

Marion Delgado said...


As a fellow Republican I have urged the Tinz for years to switch from methyl to ethyl alcohol. But he claims that wood alcohol gives him his unique drawing style, and most of his ideas.

And what do I know? If I did the strip the protagonist would just say "Shut up and cut my damn taxes!" every day. Although, speaking for me, that would be hilarious, and would probably sell a lot of sticky back window suction cup Mallard Fillmores, now that people are tired of Garfield ... but I digress.

johaely said...

Marion Delgado:
that would have been more fun than anything tinsley has written during his whole "career" as a "cartoonist".