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Monday, October 06, 2008

That damned drilling

What's Mallard raving about today?

Drilling, Wall Street Bailouts.

How many of you made the same mistake I did and first read this as "Drill Her, Drill Now..."?

At any rate, it's pretty rich for Mallard to compare a bailout necessitated by an economic crisis caused by Republican deregulation of the Banking industry with Republican efforts to deregulate Oil Industry drilling.

Mallard's inability to spot his own unintended irony is one of my greatest joys on this blog.

I anxiously look forward to finding out later this week why the Democrats, Liberals, Feminists, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are to blame for this mess, rather than the Republicans.


Michael said...

Is he pointing to her ass?! That's quite a metaphor.

12xuser said...

They're already blaming the liberals and blacks for the credit crisis, because liberals forced banks to lend to blacks.

A guy I work with hinted darkly about some "big news" that was going to be coming out. Some people were investigating a lawsuit in Chicago back in the 90s that accused banks of not lending to blacks, and they've found that one of the lawyers behind it was one Barack H. Obama.

I assumed he got it from Rush. It's just sickening, the way they work, casting all of these vague aspersions, these you-fill-in-the-blanks stories that you have no way of attacking because they're just bullshit, and by tomorrow, after you find out what the fuck they were talking about, they are on to something else.

Duck Hunter said...


Money Bag labeled: Debts from Unregulated Lenders

Woman's Bag labeled: Unemployed Former Homeowner

Speech Balloon: At least SHE'S not too big to fail.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, I kinda agree with Mallard. I'm not to happy about having to pay to let rich assholes off the hook for the consequences of their screwups.

Don't get me wrong though. Tinsley still seriously sucks.

EddyPo said...

I read "drill her, drill now" and I even read your post before reading the cartoon. weird.

factinista said...

Honestly, Anon, I think most people see the bailout as unnecessary. Really, throwing $700 billion of our money for anything with as little debate as they had here is just plain irresponsible.

It's also a testament to how bad a cartoonist Tinsley is when he can take something you agree with him on and he still can't make it funny.

Not to mention it really takes a special kind of idiot to write a comic using the word "drill" in this fashion and not notice the unfortunate implications.

rewinn said...

factinista "...It's also a testament to how bad a cartoonist Tinsley is when he can take something you agree with him on and he still can't make it funny

Tinny's got a strategic problem here - who shall he say is demanding the bailout?

The facts are simple: George W Bush, his political appointees, and his buddies on Wall Street are the ones threatening America with disaster if we don't give them money NOW! By no co-incidence,they're the "drill" crowd too.

If Tinney drew Bush, or Cheney, or John McCain saying "Drill...." ... that would be funny, because it puts what they have often said say in a new and unexpected light.

That's humor folks!

But he can't attack his masters. He has to draw a fat, beardless Uncle Sam so the Villain is Big Government, not Tinney's corporate owners, because Mallard Fillmore is a species of Soviet Realistic Art: in service not of amusement, but of the Party.

And like ALL art in service of the Party, it sucks.

Michael said...

At least socialist realism was usually drawn well.

luke said...


Yeah, I'm starting to hear that too. The dangerously insane congresswoman from my state, Michele Bachmann, gave a speech to the House explaining that the crisis was caused by too much regulation under the Clinton administration. Why of COURSE!

NLC said...

Yeah, a couple of weeks ago in the Boston Globe Jeff Jacoby[*] did a column basically explain that it was Carter's fault with all of the stock "evidence" (forced lenders to lend to "underqualified" borrowers, etc. etc.)

[* What can I say about JJ. Imagine if Tinsley wrote a column rather than a cartoon strip, and you'd be pretty close. Always, always, always wrong and laughably so.]

Duck Hunter said...

Clearly Roosevelt's fault, with that New Deal nonsense.