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Sunday, October 05, 2008

That damned vote

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard admits that he prefers Oligarchy to Democracy.

At least this contains an implicitly hilarious joke: Mallard believes he will be a member of the Elite in the Oligarchy he craves.


Anonymous said...

"Mallard believes he will be a member of the Elite in the Oligarchy he craves."

Don't they all.

"I'd like to remind the new overlords that as a trusted comic strip personality, I can be useful in rounding up others to slave in their underground sugar mines."

Duck Hunter said...

It’s just another one of those so-called “comic strips” from the late democratic stage of the United States of America. This particular specimen is from a series that has puzzled experts for centuries.

It’s either a political cartoon supporting various progressive causes by pretending to assume opposing positions and then using the most exaggerated and ridiculous ways to express them…

Or, it’s the product of a government sponsored art therapy program through which the writer – seriously delusional – is attempting to curry favor with an evil alien race he’s convinced is similar to our water-fowl and which is planning to invade the Earth.

12xuser said...

Hey, it's the future! Dig those futuristic getups! The futuristic pith helmet, ball cap, horn-rimmed glasses, and especially the futuristic high-tech exotic alloy skinny shovel handle.

Mr. Fourdotellipse said...

Almost 20% of Americans think they're in the upper 1% of wage earners.

Mallard/Tinsley has always urged people who don't understand politics not to vote. In his/his world that means liberals, and with none of them voting all would be right with the world. After all, he's proven how dangerous liberals are with his various ludicrous strawmen, what more do you want? Zhzewk! (both a comment and my word verification answer)

ajm said...

Very much in tune with the perennial graffiti:



Cynicism and apathy -- it's the American way!

rewinn said...

My guess: Tinsley does not attack GOTV ads in order to discourage voting (...although for him that would be a welcome side-effect...); instead, he attacks GOTV to attack the people who put out GOTV ads!

To Tinsley, the sort of people who want everyone to vote are a threat to the aristocratic order, in which Strong Daddy gives orders, Mommy smiles and repeats them, Children and other Lesser Types knuckle their foreheads and obey! Those of us who want everyone involved in democracy threaten this order. The vision of young people, dark-skined people and those who have non-government-approved sex voting as if they were the EQUAL of John Sidney McCain III threatens the natural order itself and will DESTROY America ... so vote against them, blah blah blah!

12xuser: it's also a future with no cure for male pattern baldness and no contact lenses! ;-( but hey! at least the tablet PC still boots up despite a huge crack in the casing

Geez, can't Tinsley at least draw future-type guy? This would have been a perfect opportunity for him to copy Duck Dodgers!

Mr. Fourdotellipse: "...Almost 20% of Americans think they're in the upper 1% of wage earners. ...." ... yep, and that's why it's important to keep using concrete numbers, e.g. "if you earn under a quarter-million per year, Obama's plan doesn't raise your taxes." Any extra level of abstraction lets people mentally slide away from the facts back into to comforting emotional habit of believing that their Big Daddy GOP may be a little abusive, but he loves them.


And in the Department of Lousy Writing:
"...apparently became obvious ...". Ga-a-ah!

GeoX said...

I initially thought the archaeologists were digging in a cloud bank. Those are some highly dubious rocks.

Kaitlyn said...

Geox - those don't look like normal rocks/sediment because this is the future.

Question - weren't people like Tinz so happy about all the voting in Iraq and the woman with purple ink on her finger? So GOTV is okay in Iraq, but not here, because people disagree with each other.

What's worse - the future or the past as pictured in Mallard or Fillmore? At least there are no historical inaccuracies today!

America's been doomed since they lowered the voting age, let women vote, let black people vote, let non-churchmembers vote, the list goes on and on.

Hey, idiot, you know why we all should vote? Because the policies don't just affect the elite few.

Kaitlyn said...

Question 2 - How come Tinz can bitch about people participating in democracy and not be called an America-hater, while if I say hey, maybe our health plan isn't so great, I hate America?

factinista said...

So because we're encouraging the (liberal) youth to vote, Mallard thinks America deserves to die?

Sounds about right.

Bill the Splut said...

This is the Future, and the Imminent Downfall of America occurred thousands of years ago, just like the Imminent Downfall of the Roman Empire!

That's what "imminent" means, right? Something that happened a long time ago, not something about to happen? This is the Future! Words have meanings the opposite of what they had in the Past!

rewinn said...

Kaitlyn:How come Tinz can bitch about people participating in democracy and not be called an America-hater, while if I say hey, maybe our health plan isn't so great, I hate America?


When a Republican does it, it's o.k.!

Anonymous said..., you guys are ok with stupid people who never paid attention to politics before voting?

rewinn said...

8:09 PM anonymous coward wrote:" guys are ok with stupid people who never paid attention to politics before voting?"

Personally, I'm o.k. with anonymous cowards posting stupid stuff attacking the democratic process. It shows that not only are they cowardly, but stupid as well.

8:09 Anon implies that GOTV is only about getting people who don't pay attention to politics to vote. In reality, it's about bringing politics to their attention, so they realize their vote gives them power. That motivates them to learn about the issues, and then to act.

It's that power and that action that 8:09 Anon fears, and for good reason.

factinista said...

...So, 8:09 Anon is okay with infringing on the right to vote?

See? I can make absurd strawmen too!

Anonymous said...

Bruce Tinsley reminds me of the idiots in Bioshock who thought an almost anarchic dictatorship, with no sense of responsibility or charity, would be a perfect society. Paraphrasing, "they expected to rule but forgot that someone had to clean the shit in the toilets." "12xuser" may have alluded to this.

Virtually all men are retarded but should not be prevented from voting. Rights are by definition, universal. Everyone should have the right to vote, just as no work should be censored. Bruce Tinsley does not understand this because he is a deranged, elitist, hateful Objectivist.

Michael said...

anonymous: I'd say Tinsley is more of an authoritarian, in the classic fascist tradition, than an Objectivist. Atlas Shrugged is hard to get through when you're stone drunk.

exanonymous said...

Only Mallard Fillmore would spend weeks on strips where it's (barely) established that some white people will vote for Obama and Palin has a vagina.

And then complain about ignorant voters.

Tinsley, you get your space to educate the public every week, care to use it?

MartyRotten said...

Uninformed voters have been helping his side win since 1980.