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Friday, October 10, 2008

That damned bailout

What's Mallard raving about today?

Taxpayers, Bailouts.

Since the Republicans are the ones who have privatized profit and socialized loss, I think you'll have to wait until after November 4, or perhaps more accurately January 20, when they finally get booted from power after almost a decade of egregious mismanagement and outright criminal behavior.


GeoX said...

Huh. I thought we were in for poetry week; seems we're just in for "whatever random crap flits through my mind" week. I have to say, I think it's an improvement.

Michael said...

It's Average Joe week! He's back with his flannel and baseball cap, getting screwed over again!

Duck Hunter said...


Um, explain it to me again...

Why is subsidizing Republican constituencies good while doing the same for Democratic constituencies bad?

12xuser said...

Of course, taxes have not actually been raised to pay for this or any of the other hugely expensive things, particularly the war, that the Republicans have spent money on, so there has been no money taken from Joe's wallet yet, and Joe's eyes still light up when someone says "tax cut".

David B said...

So he's (indirectly) supporting offering a safety net to Joe Sixpack, rather than corporate America.

Tinsley: Embracing socialism, or just too stupid to see the implications of what he says?

exanonymous said...

Dear Mallard,

I was bailed out.

The USD is once again gaining ground against the EURO, down to the day the bailout was announced, when it looked like it would take a plunge that force me to cut short my education and fly home.

PS: it was a bipartisan vote. 74-25 in the senate.

Duck Hunter said...

"Embracing socialism, or just too stupid to see the implications of what he says?"

As fascism is socialism for the rich, I'm sure Tinsley knows exactly what he's saying.

rewinn said...

"Tinsley knows exactly what he's saying.

Exactly! Look at the drawing!

The problem to Tinsley is "The Big Hand of Government", not the private institutions who made the NINJA (No Income, No Job, No Assets) loans, securitized them into AAA-rated CDOs, and drove honest brokers out of business because in an unregulated environment, cheaters always prosper!

So when the time comes to fix the problem, who does Tinsley think is the enemy?

Why, The Big Hand of Government of course! Therefore we need MORE deregulation to free the banks and save us from this crisis!

Tinsley EARNED his paycheck today ... but he'd better cash it quick!

Anonymous said...

Bailout for the taxpayer!? That sounds like commie talk to me! Next he'll be demanding free health care or something! Go back to Europe comrade Mallard.