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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Those damned caves

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Economy, Affordable Housing.

There is nothing that could happen in this world, no matter how much Conservative DNA is left at the crime scene, that Mallard will not blame on Liberals.

If everyone is willing to stipulate to that, I think we can move on.


Duck Hunter said...

Conservatives… The Early Years

In consultation with powerful spirits only he can see and hear, the Medicine Man has determined that you are to blame for the bad hunting and gathering this year.

We need to hang you upside down from a tree so the entire tribe can throw rocks at you daily until conditions improve. Then we’ll cut you down and drive you away forever.

NLC said...

So long as we're going to play "Dippy Analogies", let's have a pop-quiz:

1] A new building is going to be built.

2] Zoning-Board Member A advocates --and wins approval for-- handicap-accessibility to the building (e.g. wheelchair ramps, accessible elevators and bathrooms, etc) which requires appropriate redesign to the original plans in order to accommodate the requirements.

3] Zoning-Board Member B pushes through a motion that guts an already heavily-overworked construction-inspection office, while at the same time funneling much of the work for the new building to his business partner who has a record for doing substandard, grossly overpriced work.

4] Not surprisingly the building collapses less than two years after its completion at great loss of life.

Quiz Question:
Whom does Mallard blame for this disaster?

[Hint: MF "reasoning" is that guilty party forced the a change in the design of the building.]

12xuser said...

I wonder if Tinsley has ever heard of a Credit Default Swap.

The idea that this financial crisis was caused by some low-income homeowners missing their mortgage payments is ridiculous. The total value of all the subprime mortgages in the country is $1.4 Trillion. The value of the highly leveraged unregulated CDS market, which are basically bets on which way the mortgage market is going to go, with no intrinsic value of their own, is something like $60 Trillion, up from $2T back in 2002. It's a Ponzi scheme, created by Phil Gramm's Commodities Futures Modernization Act, which came crashing down when the government siezed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Tinsley, you want another example of "what's racist today"? Blaming the crash on poor black homeowners is racist. Have fun with it. See you in three weeks.

exanonymous said...

I seem to recall that home foreclosures in my area were distinctly NOT the houses that would be considered affordable, but rather the expensive big ones that companies who weren't forced by any laws to build anything other than expensive.

while my experience probably isn't indicative of the whole it does mean that pointing the finger at affordable housing wouldn't work to explain all the problems.

exanonymous said...

*by, not that

and *While, not while

Too much homework.

GeoX said...

I don't blame Tinsley for not understanding the Current Unpleasantness very well--economics iz hard. I DO, however, blame him for latching onto a simplistic, Limbaugh-approved talking point and running with it as if he has ANY goddamn clue what he's talking about. That's just embarrassing.

rewinn said...

Since I can't really improve on the fact-based comments above ("Credit Default Swaps? Liberals Are To Blame!!!! Mortgages on Expensive Houses Collapsed? Liberals are to Blame!!!") ...

Tinkley, if you monitor this board, PLEASE NOTE the "comma" after "Liberals" is unnecessary. You drew a TITLE in a different TYPEFACE from the subtitle; the comma has NO FUNCTION!

I note this in full confidence that you won't take this advice, since I am a LIBERAL!

Quality In Cartooning is a liberal plot!

Michael said...

The council has spoken:
You must build affordable caves for these malnourished berry foragers. Don't worry, statistics prove that they aren't less likely than others to default on their berry payments. Even if some of them do, it isn't significant enough to create a crisis.

On a separate note, our Caves and Rock-Implements Regulator, Ug, has approved your plan to keep all the village's berries in Valley Of The Berry-Loving Land Sloths. If the plan falls apart, though I can't imagine why it would, we'll find a way to blame it on the malnourished foragers.

Kodijack said...

"I don't blame Tinsley for not understanding the Current Unpleasantness very well--economics iz hard. I DO, however, blame him for latching onto a simplistic, Limbaugh-approved talking point and running with it as if he has ANY goddamn clue what he's talking about. That's just embarrassing."

I completely agree. That drunk always takes the easiest path.

Everett Volk said...

Who knew that Tinsley was an evolutionist? Here, I was thinking he was going to give us a biblical parable about Jesus' command to sell one's belongings and give the proceeds to the poor and, instead, I get a picture of a homo erectus (snicker) social unit! Tinsley's profound misapprehension of our current financial crisis aside, this may be the most rational thing he's ever drawn.

GeoX said...

I have a good feeling about that Valley of the Berry-Loving Land Sloths. I think I might move there if Gurg gets elected Cave-Chief.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives: The Early Years, continued:

Liberal caveman: I make fire! It hot, make good food, fight animal!

Conservative caveman: God no like fire! It dangerous, make kid violent! Science no go too far, it destroy us, flaming stick conquer all! I censor, tell Oog you going Hell!

Getting back to complaining about the cartoon:

Tinsley portrayed a minority as a monkey! Look at the smaller "caveman" and try to believe that it is not a fucking monkey! I thought the cavemen were Black stereotype but apparently, Tinsley was even more racist than I assumed. Fuck Tinsley and every President since Kennedy, especially, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes!

12xuser said...

This comic is just so fucking lazy. There is not even some stupid analogy; it's just a Rush talking point with "cave" instead of "house". It could work just as well in any era, say Liberals, the Reformation, or Liberals: Ancient Greece. Just substitute hut or yurt or whatever for cave, and voila! classic Tinsley.

I shouldn't be looking at these things twice.

NotannonNotcow said...

12xuser: None of us should be looking at Mallard once.

rewinn said...

12xuser: "It could work just as well in any era..."

Ga-ah! Don't give Tinkley any ideas! Do you want a whole WEEK of the same script, just with the cavemen wearing different hat?

("Liberals in Rome: Caesar has decreed that you shall build a Colosseum for the plebians" et cetera...)

Although ... if it displaces a week of bad limericks, it'd be worth the sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

It is not the fault of the poor Blacks who were given the loans and had no way of ever paying off these loans. It was the fault off the LIBERAL/SOCALIST Democrats started by Carter and pushed hard by Clinton. They held the bankers feet to the fire to give these high risk loans. The poor Blacks had nothing to start with and if they are out on their asses they have lost nothing. The taxpayers/investors will and have paid the price. Thank you Fannie Mae aka Barney Frank. It is only right, why should some people have nice homes and others do not? It is called socialism which is where we will be with Obama. Next bailout, those who have 3-4 credit cards maxed out.

Anonymous said...

Socialism seems to be the opposite of what McCain and the Bushes want, thus, maybe it is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I just realized something: Tinsley says that racism is dead but hatred for the rich is ubiquituous and evil. He implies, therefore that the rich are more deserving of and desperate for advantages than other minorities. Fuck Bruce Tinsley straight to Hell!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo: I meant ubiquitous.

GeoX said...

Seriously, people, Tinzanonymous is allowed to anonymously rant about the ebil (not to mention 'Socalist,' which presumably means they hail from southern California) librul guvmint forcing poor innocent banks to give loans to shiftless negroes--it's kind of his thing, and its responsible for whatever dubious 'charm' he can be said to have. But the rest of you motherfuckers have to use names of some sort. Otherwise it's just confusing.

rewinn said...

the rest of you motherfuckers have to use names of some sort. Otherwise it's just confusing.


"Anonymous" is reserved for Tinkley, the guy who "draws" Mallard Fillmore. He stops by here and rants every now and then; on the evidence, we read his strip more than anyone else.