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Friday, October 24, 2008

Those damned bloggers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Bloggers, The News.

Apparently Mallard just realized the extent to which blogs like The Drudge Report have driven media narrative for the last decade (e.g., John Edwards haircut).

The only change recently has been the extent to which Progressive blogs have driven the narrative (e.g., Justice Department scandal) and the lack of ability on the part of horse-crap Right Wing smears (Ayers, ACORN) to take hold.


dlauthor said...

Victory! The Boston Globe redesigned the section that includes the comics, and as of today ... NO MORE MALLARD!

We'll see if he migrates (hurrr!) over to the Herald, where he really belongs, but this is a good day.

(Still got Prickly City, but at least that's occasionally clever and funny, like yesterday's strip about how derivatives work.)

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley, being an incredible hypocrite, is happy to withhold information. He could not libel Democrats if he, say, provided the context and subtext of Reverend Wright's speech, admitted that Reagan and the Bushes fucked up the economy to much greater extents than Clinton or stopped accusing Obama of being a Communist terrorist. Information is anathema to Bruce Tinsley and I hope that he is the same. Fuck Tinsley.

David B said...

The beauty of this one is that it's perfectly plug-compatible--it's completely and utterly impossible to tell whether it's coming from the right, left, or in between.

Further evidence that Tinsley realizes all is lost this election season, and he's trying to just earn the paycheck by phoning it in without even trying to look up the right-wing talking points for the (three weeks ago) day.

rewinn said...


Heh. Well said!

I was going to point out that the writing in this cartoon is still terrible ... it would be funnier if the text were 25% shorter ... but the sentiment (I am forced to admit) is pretty much right on, so I'll give Tinkely a pass.

Besides, the drawing is an unusually honest self-portrait.

fuckreagan said...

No, a truly accurate self portrait would be surrounded by empty bottles and cans.

Michael said...

f-reagan, you haven't noticed that bag taken from a wine-in-a-box, and his droopy eyelids?

rewinn said...

I'm just grateful Tinkley is wearing pants!

Although --- isn't that right leg abnormally short? It'd be o.k. for a duck, but definitely doesn't match the right leg. Show compassion for the deformed!