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Sunday, October 19, 2008

That damned Hallowe'en

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama.

Mallard, we understand that you prefer politics that "breeds division, and conflict, and cynicism" over having a black man become President.

The horse crap sanctimony about how Barack Obama is the racist is about as convincing as John McCain telling all of us that he's not running a negative campaign.


exanonymous said...

Is Barrack Obama racist? Probably to some degree. Everyone has a bit of the uglier side as it's hard to grow up in a country where there hasn't been muich effort to remedy all the problems.

But however racist he is, since typical white person has appeared in Mallard Fillmore more times than in Obama's speeches, I'd say the true racist is Mallard, who was so insulted at being called a typical white person by a black man that he's beating the tree that grew out of the dead horse's composted corpse.

Guy Fawkes said...

Come on. Calling Tinsley a racist is like calling Mallard Fillmore a duck.

Frankly, the racial caricatures he draws (asians and blacks) are pretty independently offensive.

Me so solly!

rewinn said...

"...Calling Tinsley a racist is like calling Mallard Fillmore a duck...."

Why are you so duckist?

Anyone who tries to talk about the problems between ducks and non-ducks, and in the process actually refers generically to ducks, is showing prejudice against ducks!

(Mallard Lesson #17: if you talk about the problem, you're the problem!)

Anonymous said...

I am "Fuckreagan" but Google refuses to acknowledge my account password.

Tinsley plans to dress up in blackface and portray a, "tyical Black man.

"Ah's high on Crack, Heroin and P.C.P, doodah! Ah's be killing yo' white asses and fucking yo' women, doodah! Ah's fail schooah an' turn to a life of crime sos Ah's do'n' hafta live off mamie, doodah! Ah's make dis coun'y dec'epit an' uninhabi'abah, jus' lahke Af'ica, doodah! Ah's a toughass nigger but do'n' call me one or Ah's ki' you, doodah!

MartyRotten said...

Guy, calling Mallard Fillmore a duck is misleading, even though he looks like one, judging by his discourse.

It would be more appropriate to call him a turkey.

And his comic strip is in truth, a deed most fowl.

David Pennell said...

Mallard fillmore is a turducken - a chicken-hearted duck presenting itself as a turkey.

Also, its goose is cooked, so there'll be leftovers forever.

12xuser said...

March 20. That's when Obama made the "typical white person" remark. Seven months ago. I wonder how many times he's said it since then?

If that's all they've got, they've lost, big time.

K.T. said...

Oh, man! That's exactly like my costume idea this year! Except my sign was going to say "Batman", written in crayon. Beaten the punch again, by Mallard Fillmore!

K.T. said...

Ahem, that should say "beaten to the punch". Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Fuckreagan" again. Let us find a long, slow song and kick Tinsley's ass to the beat.

GeoX said...

"Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald?"

Rootbeer said...

Mallard seems to have some racial identity confusion himself. Is he colored in green on Sundays because he's ashamed of being black...?