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Monday, October 27, 2008

Those damned SNLers

What's Mallard raving about today?

SNL, The Election.

Tina Fey said she will be "leaving Earth" if McCain-Palin win the election.

Even when trying to be non-political, Mallard still can't help being wrong.


12xuser said...

Is he just saying that the campaign has been good for SNL? It's hard to argue with that.

But what's with all the quotation marks? What was it, Mallard, a poll or an interview?

Rootbeer said...

I must assume that Tinsley hasn't spent enough time sober in the past year to understand that Tina Fey is no longer an "SNL cast member", having left that show to helm a successful primetime sitcom.

rewinn said...

More lazy writing by Tinkley!

He could delete 30% of the words for a much punchier "joke"!

That's why he will NEVER write for SNL, hence, his "bitterness"

NLC said...

OK, so let me make sure that I understand:

The whole point of this joke depends on the reader being shocked (or, at least, surprised) that there are comedians (on TV or elsewhere) who actually use some of the sillier aspects of national political campaigns as a target for satire.

Do I have this about right?

Golly, that's a real knee-slapper, isn't it...

exanonymous said...

Well, at least we now have an explanation as to why Mallard Fillmore is so unfunny.

Politics aren't supposed to be funny. SNL shouldn't make fun of them.

It is inevitable that when studying a public figure for satire you lose some respect if they show no sense of humor and a hefty dose of anger and stupidity.

andy? said...

i really don't think that anyone thinks that this election should be postponed at all, regardless of political orientation or SNL-employee status

fuckreagan said...

Tinsley does not understand the concept of satire! Wow, this explains everything!

Tinsley was mad because Saturday Night Live, like Doonesbury, The Daily Show and Monty (last funny when it was called Robotman), had not been humorous for years yet was still, somehow, far superior to his shit.

Robert said...

Mallard Fillmore is about as funny as that season of SNL when they had Anthony Michael Hall as a cast member.
And that season of SNL was about as funny as the end of Million Dollar Baby.

MartyRotten said...

If SNL were making fun of Obama exclusively Tinsley would be their biggest fan.
and now, SNL characters respond to Mallard Fillmore:

Wayne: Thank you Mallard, that was amusing and informative.....NOT!!!

Church Lady: So who could be writing your strips? Who could it possibly be? could it beeee SATAN?!!!

and finally, and most appropirately, Dieter (from Sprockets):


rewinn said...


My friends, we have a winna! That made me laugh out loud.