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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Those damned stoners

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teachers, Communism.

Stoned for most of the 20th century? That guy was stoned for more than 50 years? The not-so-subtle message here, apparently, is that getting stoned keeps you looking awfully young.

In other news, Mallard hates teachers with an irrational passion. But he loves straw men because they are the only men against whom he can win an argument.


ianmorris said...

he's done this all before. another achievement in oversimplifaction

golboto said...

Real communism hasn't been tried, not the way Marx talked about it. You're not supposed to stop at the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, that's just the inevitable response to the Dictatorship of the Bourgeoisie. It's meant to be temporary. Never turned out that way, because people are jerks and they love power too much.

In summary, Tinsley, read a book asshole.

Mr. Fourdotellipse said...

Why doesn't he cut to the chase, make a "Teachers Stink!" comic panel, and run it all week?

P.S. Only a little more than one week until the "the press is being so mean to Sarah Palin because she's a woman" comic!

Toots McGee said...

How long before the duck takes on the task of demonizing "community organizers"?

Robert said...
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Robert said...

Translating Tinsley-speak: Any Mallard Fillmore strip

Translation: I was drunk most of the times I drove a car.

EddyPo said...

The funny thing about this is that conservatives are always saying the same thing about conservatism. "Real conservatism hasn't been tried yet."

Of course they say that as soon as their beloved conservative leaders become unpopular and/or get carted off to prison.

Michael said...

Judging by this week's cartoons, here's what education is like in Mallard Land...

- Rather than memorizing dates, students are taught historical context to promote understanding.
- It is expected that students will attempt to solve their own problems, rather than the teachers just providing them with answers.
- In universities, students are exposed to a diversity of ideas and points of view.

When I have kids, I'll be sure to move to Strawville, Mallard Land.

... There must be some kind of error in Google Maps. It says that the way to get to Mallard Land is to drink 3/4 bottle of store-brand whiskey and run head first into a wall!

Kaitlyn said...

When discussing the Soviet Union and other communist countries, that will come up. Especially in high school and college, when some students are thinking about how much capitalism sucks, man!

You want to know suckiness and translating teacher speak? I had an awesome history teach in high school. I took his class for the '04-05 school year. He never endorsed anyone in class, but come on. The man voted for Kerry.

And he teaches this amazing senior class - facing history and ourselves - about the Holocaust and genocide, very very very liberal in nature.

My mom has had to deal with teacher, the parent version. Sexist, very traditional, he didn't let his wife speak in meetings, and he expected more than the special ed department could give his kid. A teacher!

My sister has him for facing history and loves the class! This version, oh ow. He is so nice!

noah said...

I just discovered the cartoonist ancestor of Mallard Fillmore: Dick Hafer, linked from

Totally weird. And Mallard Fillmore's really only a degree or so less than that. Enjoy.

exanonymous said...


No rational thought need be applied. The 'c' word has been said and that's the end of it.

Americans are so used to reacting. It's not a coincidence that communism springs up in countries that know the difference between being hungry and starving. There are Russians today who would like to return to the old system because of this. You could not advance in communism, but you could live. You can advance in capitalism, but if the region is poor enough and jobs at a premium, just staying alive becomes a daily battle.

Very far removed from the US, where one can find sufficient food to stay alive from dumpsters alone. I wouldn't stand for communism in the US (beyond what Mormons practice and libraries anyways). But that doesn't mean I boo and hiss it automatically.

Kaitlyn said...

Dude ex, you not only hate america, you hate people.

I always thought communism wouldn't work on a large scale, like a big country. Under 100 people maybe.

Erich said...

I think "Real communism has not been tried" is usually followed by an explanation of why the Marxist ideal just doesn't work in reality. Of course, Tinsley just tunes out and assumes that anybody who makes this statement is ENDORSING communism, not condemning it.