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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

That damned explanation

What's Mallard raving about today?


I'd like to believe Mallard is being deliberately obtuse or disingenuous in order to reinforce his own, and his audiences', blind rage toward teachers.

More likely, Mallard is just this stupid.

After all, he's been trying to figure out cartooning on his own for years...and the evidence of that failed strategy is on full display today.


ajm said...

Damn all those teachers who wouldn't do Bruce Tinsley's work for him. Damn them to hell!

12xuser said...

Love the use of the little red arrow at the bottom. It's uncanny how that somehow draws your eye to the action on the right side of the panel, action that you would likely miss otherwise.


David B said...

I teach in a rather technical field, and if a student is obviously getting the basics, there's no way i'm going to give them the answer without making them work for it. If i just give them the answer, they won't get over that last little bit.

Now, if a student's obviously got no clue at all, i'll work on taking them halfway there. In the end, though, if i just give them the answer they have no reason to actually *work* on it.

Huh. "You'll learn more if you figure it out on your own" is pretty non-touchy-feely. Who knew? You'd think Tinsley-type conservatives would be all into that approach.

Well, except that then they might have to admit teachers are actually capable of rational thought.

Kaitlyn said...

Oh god, I agree with him. School sucks sucks sucks sucks, especially this boring article I have to read and a ONE page paper I have to right, with no right or wrong answer.

And today, TODAY, I experienced today's cartoon. The lab instructor wouldn't tell us the name of the minerals or how the hell to understand cleavage.

But then history was fun because this one girl was explaining Henry VIII with the FICTIONAL movie "The Other Boleyn Girl".

I wonder if Mallard will go after class discussions. Hmm, they mean the teacher "didn't prepare a long enough lecture".

Anonymous said...

So the upshot of what Mallard is saying about the teaching methods of his youth up to the present appears to be: I was badly educated, and am ignorant. This has got to be hands down the least controversial statement ever put forth in this strip.

Kaitlyn said...

Anon - not only is it not controversial, he's finally telling the truth! Without illegible footnotes.

Anonymous said...

Hello folks, here are two cartoons that all the followers of Duck and Cover should enjoy. Rewinn named a few other cartoons yesterday and he will most certainly like these. This is a good cartoon and so very true. Here is the other cartoon that all of you will like. And again, also so truthful.

GeoX said...

Hey, Tinsley may be bad, but he's not quite THAT bad, mind-boggling though it is. I'll bet sometimes the only think that keeps him going is the thought " least I'm not Chris Muir."