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Sunday, August 15, 2010

That damned Charter School

What's Mallard raving about today?

Public Education

Only a half-wit like Mallard would make the claim that all Charter schools do a better job than all Public Schools.

Don't get me wrong, I am a believer in Charter Schools. But, because I have actually sent a child to two of them, I know that some are better and some aren't.

But, see, I accept that nuance is possible whereas Mallard reduces everything to black and white.


ianmorris said...

Charter schools are like bottled water, sometimes the claims of better quality are true but sometimes the standers are lower than the public supply.

WV: smations, seems like more of a typo then a captcha

Tog said...

DaveyK: "...because I have actually sent a child to two of them..."

Ah, but when it comes wrong-wing talking points, real-life experience is not only unnecessary, it's counterproductive.
(cross reference: military service in wartime)

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Ah yes: charter schools MUST be better, because I HATE SPENDING TAXES, so anything that costs less is automatically magically BETTER. Quod erat demonstrandum, ipso facto, ex post facto, post hoc ergo propter hoc, hic haec hoc.

rewinn said...

You know why DC doesn't have a governor?

Because a racist remnant in Congress don't want DC to become a state. It's a majority-black territory that's more populous than the majority-white state of Wyoming, but it has no vote in Congress ... the same Congress that controls DC, and is therefore responsible for its public schools.

BTW how many children in DC actually think DC has a governor? By the time a kid is old enough to know what a "governor" is, the kid is old enough to hear their parents b1tch about not having one.

Ducky is RIght said...

Jesus CHRIST, what a whiny little bitch. Ducky, I mean; the kid's just a hapless prisoner on the Island of Stupid.

Education is about how much effort your kid is willing to put into it. If your kid only wants to do the absolute bare minimum to get through, then yes, they will probably not have a good education.
Public schools as they exist in this country are not designed to create a legion of exemplars; they're designed to give every one a chance at a basic education. One could make the argument that they should be expected to do better, but that's a complex and nuanced discussion with many variables by region.

Unless you're duckface over there, in which case the debate goes something akin to, "public bad, private good" followed by a vigorous session of hitting a jawbone against a picture of Obama. And drinking.

Kip W said...

It's like two hastily scrawled advertising logos are having a cut-and-pasted confab offstage, listlessly chanting unrelated inner dialogs. The staring kid whose face only works in one direction mutters pointlessly, punctuated by irrelevant bromides from the duck who stares in one direction all the time. Will a comet fall on them, perhaps? No such luck; the strip just runs out of space and stops.

Kip W said...

... Tin Eye can't even carry forward with the 'basketball' theme, for which he has inexplicably drawn two balls. Maybe he's just compensating for something.

Rebochan said...

It's okay, Rush. Mallard obviously didn't even make out it of public schools, so you're already better educated than he is.

Also, Mallard, Latin? You intellectual elitist.

deepbeep said...

Rush's dad is supposed to serve as the Model Minority in Mallard Fillmore. But he's obviously not pushing his kid hard enough scholastically because he's turned out to be an imbecile. Either he's been working too hard at his burger restaurant to notice or, like an evangelical extremist, he believes that real education is obedience to dogma. It's probably the former, because no attentive parent would allow Rush to roll around on Mallard's dusty floor.

Also, is Mallard naked?? Why am I always creeped out whenever he and Rush appear together?

Frank Stone said...

Either the colorist screwed up or Rush is giving Mallard a reacharound with his magical third arm.

Yes, Brucie, we get it: You're still pissed that your mommy left you at kindy-garden when you were little. Go see a shrink, already. You'll only have to sacrifice about a tenth of your Wild Turkey budget to afford the sessions.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley enjoys charter schools because they use vouchers to steal money from the poor, prevent the poor from improving their lives, and make themselves very rich. Tinsley hates anyone who needs, or deserves sympathy.

Speaking of Latin, and things required for a proper education, cogitus ergo sum, unlike Tinsley.

exanonymous said...

It isn't the system, it's the attitude. And the attitude towards education in the US sucks.

In places where it's free because it's considered a basic human right and dignity to be educated to the maximum of one's potential and not contingent on the money parents make, the public education is excellent. In places where it makes someone an "elitist" or there is a class of individuals who wish to reap the benefits of an uneducated lower working class, then the public schools will suck. But the private schools wouldn't help them, so much as end up as charity to ease the conscience while only serving successfully a few.

Which they then can parade around as success stories and look like everyone coming out of that school is smarter because education-for-profit is superior.

Rootbeer said...

This is just the free market at work.

The private schools are simply charging what the market will bear, and if the grey Vietnamese kid's grey Vietnamese parents aren't willing to pay it, it just means they don't value education that much.

Public charter schools are the worst kind of welfare, taking money from taxpayers and giving it to people who can't afford private schools and forcing them to give it to a place that indoctrinates children on what THE GOVERNMENT thinks they should learn.