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Sunday, August 29, 2010

That damned New Media

What's Mallard raving about today?

New Media, Liberals.



Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

I agree: WTF? I can only surmise that the guy at the podium thing is meant to represent network news, whereas the smoke-signals guy is somehow supposed to represent blogging or some shit. Also, in this allegory, liberals all hate blogs for some reason--I suppose because Tinsley actually buys into the "librul media" mythology, and imagines that therefore those durn libruls HATE anything that competes with the rabble-rousing, revolutionary firebrand that is CNN.

Tog said...

What confuses you, DaveyK? First Batshit hated Twitter; then he joined Twitter; now he's rewriting history so that LIBERALS hate Twitter.

Of course, since the "Liberals" panel is directly over the guy making smoke signals, Batshit's inadvertently created an image completely opposed to his intent. Only regulars will understand what he meant.

Nice move--fool!

exanonymous said...

I don't understand.

I guess I need that kneejerk "libruls bad" gene to understand anything. I can't even replace it with a "conservatives bad" perspective because I don't think that way.

deepbeep said...

G... R... O... G... I... S... A... M... U... S... L... I..... uh oh, paper burned up, me grab page 2 of Constitution!

Marion Delgado said...

Which Golden Asterisk is the WTF one?

Then I said...

No, you see, the smoke signals are clearly an allegory for how the uninitiated public doesn't understand the brilliant messages behind "the code" of the smoke. Why else are the others not paying attention to the signaler? It's not like he's just waving that...thing...over the fire to send a message to... who is he sending a message to anyway? Come to think of it, why would the "liberal" be angry at the smoke signaler when the signaler's audience is unseen/nonexistent?

Seriously, this panel is easy to imagine as accidentally self referential. Angry author? Check. Sending a message to no one in particular? Check. "Liberals" looking on with disdain? Check. Audience? Absent. Not to mention the fact that it makes little sense without adding such a silly subplot.

Bill the Splut said...

Who's the liberal in this?

Toots McGee said...

Here are some ideas for the next several Sundays:

"Liberals, the Early Years"....

Drat, a dinosaur crapped in my front yard!

I invented a wheel but forgot to patent it and got screwed by a corporation.

Now where did I leave my club?

My mastodon has worms!

I'm caveschooling my kids so I can restore honor to Cro-Magnon.

(You're welcome, Bruce)

Bill the Splut said...

Toots: You forgot a Neanderthal saying "Cro-Magnons are the real racists!"

WV: needn; Bruce says "My strips ain't needn no jokes or logic!"

Ducky is Right said...

Explain to me again why this guy is considered on par with Doonesbury.
Or why he has a job.

Frank Stone said...

DiR -- two words: wingnut welfare. (BTW, that term is at now; I drafted a definition, submitted it, and it was published.)

Steve-O said...

This "comic" is more incomprehensible than "cow tools", but with way less artistic imagination or self-awareness.

(for those that don't get it, google "far side cow tools".)

Kip W said...

Oh, yeah. I remember how those plucky conservatives jumped on the hot new trends and left the traditional media in the dust. Yeah, that happened.

Traditional media, like network news and AM radio. Those liberal dinosaurs.

rewinn said...

Liberals created the new media, so I understand why the corporate media dislike them.

It's all about control of the message. Before the printing press, the aristocracy controlled access to almost all knowledge. Gutenberg made the Protestant Reformation possible by (somewhat) democratizing access to information.

The equivalent today is the internet. When you needed a network get nationwide exposure, corporate media (Fox and the 3-letter networks) decide what is the story, e.g. which dark-skinned man is today's threat and which blonde is in peril. But now even the relentless drumming on a network, and the fearful also-Foxes, can't get more than a football crowd to show up at Beckapooloza.

The competition on the internet includes hundreds of thousands of non-corporate-suckups (and plenty of suckups as well) and ... get this ... we don't have to read the drunken suckups just because the guys in suits decide they get the column space.

Look at Tinshley twitter, he's gonna blow it all open on Oct 10: "Sunday october 10th cartoon finally came together. I'm goosing the anti-Tea-Party snobs a month b 4 the big dance...."

No wonder he hates the new media! Unfiltered Tinshley looks like just another drunken twit.

Iron Dragon said...

Is this a callback to the old claim that corporate media was going to be replaced by multiple blogs? Or is this a complaint that some media groups have of being scooped by people on the internet?

I mean I sort of get that he's trying for a joke but it's like looking at the creation of someone who was told what a joke WAS but didn't really get the full lesson in it.

Tog said...

Rewinn wrote: Look at Tinshley twitter, he's gonna blow it all open on Oct 10: "Sunday october 10th cartoon finally came together. I'm goosing the anti-Tea-Party snobs a month b 4 the big dance...."

Oh, I can't wait. Will Batshit be out in full force in defense of "white cracker babies"? Or backing up the fed worker who claims "homos took mah jerb!"?

Yes, the teabaggers are CLEARLY just misunderstood.

Ducky is Right said...

@Frank, nice job :)

@Steve-o, I knew exactly what you were talking about. Not really sure what that says about me.

Marion Delgado said...

Damn these Jon Stewart PARODIES of Mallard Filmore!

So ... what was the REAL strip for this day?

Rootbeer said...

Failure on every conceivable level.