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Sunday, August 22, 2010

That damned Poll

What's Mallard raving about today?


As President Bush's approval ratings slid into the twenties, Mallard was silent, because (obviously) who cares what polls say?

As President Obama's approval ratings hit the mid-forties, Mallard just cannot believe we haven't started impeachment proceedings, because MY GOD, look at what the polls say!

The characteristic of Republicans that most impresses me is the thickness of their cranial bone mass, because so much cognitive dissonance every day would cause anyone else's head to explode.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

And I guess the idea that the Obama administration makes up its own poll numbers is funny, or something, because...?

Oh, I'm sorry; I momentarily confused this with a strip that's meant to be funny. The only point here is to shriek OBAMA IS TEH SUXXORZ EVERONE HAETS HIM!!!11 That's some incisive commentary right there, Brucie, but I think maybe you should sit down and let some of the other children have a turn to speak.

watchdog said...

His art work is looking pretty ragged, Did he forget how to draw a straight line after President Obama was elected, or did some evil liberals steal his ruler?

deepbeep said...

That's Congress, not Obama.

Congress, historically, is the least popular branch of government in the polls. I could be wrong, but I think it is due to demographics:

Voters in the majority party are unhappy because they rarely get the changes they were hoping for, and believe Congress is not liberal/conservative enough; those in the minority party don't like the Congress because the other party is in charge. That leaves only a small portion of the majority party who aren't optimistic about Congress' ability to legislate.

Anyway, after the Republicans lost control of Congress and the Presidency, Tinsley has been running these cartoons before every election and after any negative blip in opinion polls. People still remember how awful the Republicans were, and aren't likely to vote them back in, so I think these cartoons are more to convince Tinsley than they are to entertain anyone.

Neo Tuxedo said...

People still remember how awful the Republicans were, and aren't likely to vote them back in, so I think these cartoons are more to convince Tinsley and Fox Nation than they are to entertain anyone.

Fixed that for you, deepbeep. You're welcome.

exanonymous said...

I love this. Obama sucks because his approval ratings aren't climbing, and haven't been.

The guy started well above 50%. Considering he gets hit by conservative pundits every time it drops from whatever it was the day before, for him to have completely acceptable approval ratings that they would not comment on, it would probably have to be around 185% by now.

And then they'd catch on that that was something fishy with that. Unless they were the people running percentage charts at FOX news. Those folks would be dumb enough to think that 185% was less than 100%.

Bill the Splut said...

Does Bruce look with pride at a strip like this and pat himself on the back for his great accomplishment? Or, after 60 seconds of doodling, does he laugh himself silly over the fact some idiots pay him to do next to nothing? Sure, strips like Nancy or Cathy or Blondie are awful, but at least you get the feeling that the creators of them are trying.

Steve-O said...

"Polls suck, unless the person I happen to hate that day is doing poorly in one and then that poll is the GREATEST THING EVER." -Bruce Tinsley, noted drunken idiot.

Kip W said...

That can't be congress. I don't think even 94% of them approve of themselves.

Kaitlyn said...

I don't think 94% of congress would even vote. Or be there.

They aren't in session now, right?

But even when they are, some congress critters are out campaigning so they can get the same job so they can campaign for it again. I'd never want to be in the House - every 2 years, convincing people to re-hire you.

If Congress had high approval ratings, it would be effing weird, as deepbeep said. It's not one person.

Frank Stone said...

Way to give that straw man what for, Brucie. That'll learn 'im!

Also, way to show us (again) that you're a shitty artist.

You know, Gary Larson once said (and I'm probably paraphrasing) that to be a functional comic strip cartoonist, you only had to be half able to write and half able to draw. On the best day of Brucie's life, even that level of competence would be beyond his grasp.

rewinn said...

How many Sunday papers paid for this?

The Seattle paper dropped Mallard long ago, and today's "comic" shows why. It's hard to tell whether the art or the writing is worse.

Does the Moonie Times have a comics section?

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Yes, let's emphasize the fact that Tinsley apparently thought that this artistic vision was so stunningly monumental as to deserve an entire Sunday spread. Well, actually, it's probably much more accurate to say he just doesn't GIVE a shit, but still, it's sickening that this garbage takes up space that someone with talent could use.

Neo Tuxedo said...

rewinn asks, "Does the Moonie Times have a comics section?"

Not only does it, that section carried Mallard long enough for real papers to experience a Great Need (TM) to waste valuable column-inches on it.

WV: blesse -- French for injury. Self-explanatory.

Rootbeer said...

This was a large-format Sunday strip. A crude sketch of The Capitol Building Or Maybe The White House, and two speech balloons.

And a tiny American flag.

In particular I'm confused as to why Tinzy thinks Congress' self-approval rating would be so high. I'd be more inclined to believe that the slim Democratic majority would be unhappy about the things they haven't been able to accomplish, and the substantial Republican minority about the things they haven't been able to prevent.

Like the rest of us.