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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

That damned Degree

What's Mallard raving about today?

Teachers, degrees.

Wow, how devoid of intelligence do you have to be to make this kind of assertion?

You really think that a Math degree is necessary to teach Elementary, Middle, or High School kids, Mallard?

Teaching a lot of Calculus to third graders, are we? Geometric Invariant Theory is important in High School, is it?

Far more important that understanding, oh, kids of a certain age learn? So you could actually teach them? I wonder what kind of degree could offer that kind of knowledge?

Just because teachers failed to instill in you an ability to grasp the simplest concepts is no reason to inflict yourself on the rest of us.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Also, note how Tinsley's examples of things that the teacher doesn't know (what century was the Civil War in? How do you find the area of a rectangle?) are both things that even a dumbass motherfucker like Tinsley himself could be expected to know. How pathetic do you have to be to implicitly trumpet your own pitifully small store of knowledge as making you smarter than professional educators?

exanonymous said...

Actually, anyone with a degree in math, science, history, or whatever CAN teach, even at the elementary school levels with just a few additional courses in teaching methods so that they don't treat kids like adults when learning.

The problem is, once you have one of those degrees, an unstable thankless low-paying job that many taxpayers resent that can easily put in your conflict with "concerned" parents isn't as appealing as working for private businesses or the government in a different capacity.

Steve-O said...

Tinsley obviously thinks that all teachers are miserable failures, not just the ones that tried to educate him.

wv:panticid, that's a funny word right there.

Bill the Splut said...

He hates educators. He hates the uneducated. He hates the educated. Who does that leave? FOX viewers, the least educated people in the country? Why is it bad to go to school and learn, and yet a thing of wonder and beauty to get your "facts" from Beck and Rush? What's Tinny's point, other than his general sociopathic loathing of everyone else?

WV: lyzin; lazy lying, e.g., Bruce's day job

Anonymous said...

Enough pathetically inane education comments. Come on, Mallard, get to the mosque already! You know you want to!

Toots McGee said...

I despise this whole conceit. What particularly gores my ox is this characterization of teachers as miserable, smug creatures that seem to get satisfaction from "putting something over" on society. Jesus, Tinsley. Project much?

Rootbeer said...

A teacher with a degree in Math but no pedagogical training would be like a cartoonist who has a Political Science degree, but can't draw.

As low as Tinsley has set the bar, I'd still be surprised if more than 2/3 of Mallard Fillmore fans could correctly answer yesterday and today's school questions.

Anonymous said...

So, let's say I wanted to become a professional dog trainer...are you suggesting all I need is to know how to sit, lie down, walk next to someone, and roll over? Stunning in its ignorance.

rewinn said...

Grade school teachers should have degrees in Math, English, History, Physical Education and every other subject that they teach!

They should have at least five degrees, requiring twenty or more years of college.

Just like they did in the Good Olde Days!!!

And then they should continue to be paid less than an entry-level computer programmer ... because that's the way to get a system that works!

deepbeep said...

Where the %@#* does Tinsley get the idea that teachers are lazy, stupid, and malicious? Has he never talked to a teacher about how difficult and thankless their jobs are? When he said Americans "need a break instead of a lecture", I didn't know he was referring literally to classroom lectures and recess.

Today on the Mallard Fillmore twitter account:
- Islamophobia is a media-constructed myth (he forgot a followup post telling us which minority group the real racists belong to)
- Help, I still can't figure out the internet!
- Walter Williams 2012
- Asks his readers for ideas for his next Sunday strip, because he's fresh out of ideas

DharmaPete said...

We can't have public education with them fancy learnin' books. We need private schools, where those "teachers" frequently say: "Johnny, you got 20 out of 100 right, so you get an F.....what, your daddy just donated a new gymnasium, you get an A+++++."

Also on Brucies Twitter: Yesterday my staff, okay my 10 year old, was helping me....". Wow, father of the year, calling his child staff, staff meaning "Old Grandad provider". Poor kid.

wv-Crosus:early incarnation of 80's metal band Krokus

Bill the Splut said...

- Asks his readers for ideas for his next Sunday strip, because he's fresh out of ideas


ONE BIG PANEL of a badly scrawled drawing of something the reader needs to squint at to recognize! A word balloon that makes no sense! An asterisk sourcing an insane assertion to either "*poll at" or "*garblely small unreadable text!"
Also, whiskey vomit.


Neo Tuxedo said...

Bill the Splut writes every Sunday duck ever, then asks:


...only the Internet.

ajm said...

Also on Brucies Twitter: Yesterday my staff, okay my 10 year old, was helping me....". Wow, father of the year, calling his child staff, staff meaning "Old Grandad provider". Poor kid.

What must Tinsley be telling his child about education -- that teachers are not to be respected, that "learning" is only indoctrination? I prefer Bill Cosby's approach when he tells impoverished parents that they must reinforce, not undermine, what teachers teach their kids in school.

Kip W said...

Recess. That makes it grade school. No wonder Tin can't accurately depict what she does. His grade school decade is also when he started learning how to do research.

Iron Dragon said...

The obnoxious thing with this is that it doesn't even deal with the basic issue. Education degrees make sure that the teacher knows how to communicate ideas to students. When I was in college I had some professors who were absolutely brilliant in terms of the subject matter but had very poor communications skills in terms of breaking the ideas down into simpler concepts. Education degrees help with that, not to mention making sure the teacher understands what they're expected to be for the students.

Part of me wonders of Tinsleys kids have had trouble in school and this is his reasoning, it's not a lack of application it's that the teachers are shit. And yes, there are some crap teachers, I had a biology teacher who was a creationist (and I live in a damn blue state!) but to lump them all into one kludge and blame unions for the problems is short sighted and ultimately detrimental to education.

Sorry for the wall of text, but education is a particular rant button for me.

Anonymous said...

Teachers is liberals
Liberals is dum
Thus - Teachers is dum