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Saturday, August 14, 2010

That damned system

What's Mallard raving about today?

China, Obesity, Education.

Mallard Fillmore is a traitor who thinks Communist China is superior to the United States and would be foolish to emulate us.


Factinista said...

Is he going back to his rant about the Chinese eating dogs again?

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Didn't you just KNOW from the first panel that the "punchline" was going to be "just like America lol?" Jeez. Even when the content of his strip is more or less anodyne, Tinsley is SUCH a useless hack.

rewinn said...

Why is Tinshley attacked the Fat and Uneducated - his target demographic?

Tog said...

Factinista: "Is he going back to his rant about the Chinese eating dogs again?"

"Well, they do!! They're a buncha dog-eaters! It's a fact! They eat dogs! It's a proven fact so it's not racist of me to point out that these dog-eating dog-eaters eat dogs! They eat dogs! They'd eat your dog if they got the chance! I'm not racist! And neither is Dr. Laura!!"

Kip W said...

"Woohooo. China's developin' an obesity problem...."

"...Maybe I can sell them a side order of bellicose ignorance and alcoholism to go with it!"

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley supports the stereotype, and every other stereotype of everyone in the world, that Asians are superintelligent. He wants all foreign countries to fail, and the populations to die slow, painful deaths, thus, he encourages the populations of these countries to grow stupid. He thinks stupidity, and the death of everyone who differs from himself are ideal.

deepbeep said...

WoooHooo. Perhaps they'd also like to copy our hilarious cartoons featuring conservative waterfowl.

Kaitlyn said...


why would anyone say that when reading an article?

"day-um" may be more appropriate as no one reads this tripe but us.

and then the triple "o"s!!!! ARGH!!

even when transliterating, I've only come across triple As, though they could work as doubles.

Oh, that was a good stress-buster. From Mallard to my music collection.

Wait, go back. Why doesn't he rant more about human rights in China than he does playing with the tired stereotype "they eat dogs" without exploring the reality because that would be boring.

Steve-O said...

This "comic" makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

What is the point? That China's education system is better than ours or worse than ours?

And what does China's new obesity problem (that I haven't heard anything about) have to do with it?

And why the hell am I trying to decipher a "Mallard Fillmore" strip. I'd have better luck trying to decode a Sarah Palin speech.

rewinn said...

"...Why doesn't he rant more about human rights in China ..."
Good catch, Kaitlyn.

Tinshley hates America so much, that he refuses to criticize anyplace else.