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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

That damned Vacation

What's Mallard raving about today

The same things, as always.

But I am on vacation, and have no intention of reading Mallard Fillmore.

Have fun in the comments!


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

You can also overcome an utter lack of wit or talent to make a living as a creatively and artistically bankrupt "cartoonist!" What a country!

Tog said...

If Mallard/Batshit took even a moment to look around, he might discover that many countries have programs on television very similar to ours, just as what is popular in other cultures influences our programming.

But then he wouldn't be an ignorant jackass, and that would probably violate his contract.

Points for putting mild effort into the first panel; demerits for once again whining about what's on TV and squalling about how America sucks because its people reflect its culture.

Ducky is Right said...

Welcome to your precious capitalism, Ducks.

Steve-O said...

He must be talking about the Palins.

dlauthor said...

Steve-o: I don't think Sarah's parents were named "Palin."

And hey, in this country you can also coast through life as an untreated alcoholic on Wingnut Welfare!

Steve-O said...

dlauthor: I was actually talking about Bristol, but you're right about that.

exanonymous said...

Um, no.
This isn't the only country.

For starters, if it was, we wouldn't have to rip our reality television show ideas from England and Japan.

And this is far from the being the only place that can catapult those of humble beginnings into power and fame. Kim Il-sung comes to mind. Now there's someone with a kid in a whacked reality show.

Rootbeer said...

America is good! But America is bad! Okay, duck.

What I want to know is, why is his phone floating two inches above the surface of the desk?

Kip W said...

Poor Mallard. He wants to love the common man, but the common man's tastes are just so awful! Well, that can only be because those big-nosed Hollywood liberals force them to watch drek on TV, so he will reluctantly force himself to share their burden.

Toots McGee said...

Duck's gonna have a T.V. party tonight.
Duck's gonna have a T.V. party (all right)
He's got nothing better to do
Than watch T.V. and have a couple of brews.
Don't care about anything else
(He don't wanna know)
He's dedicated
to bitching about shows!

rewinn said...

Where's the asterisk citing to the Fox channel?

I mean, seriously. Duckkky complains that reichwing corporate media fills the airwaves with mind-numbing garbage but he doesn't notice who controls them?

Frank Stone said...

Translation: "Hey, I do 80 or 90 hours of drinki-- er, research every week! How come I can't get my own teevee show? I deserve it!"

(Heh... watching Brucie trying to translate his tedious, substance-free daily rat droppings into 22-minute scripts for a weekly TV series -- now, THAT would be funny.)

dlauthor said...

This week on The Mallard Show: exactly the same jokes as last week, only the smug-looking pantsless duck-like thing is pointed in a slightly different direction!

Also, Bruce the wacky neighbor drives into Mallard's pool.

Kaitlyn said...

Ducky Is Right - Stephen Colbert goes with the free market (AKA god) but Tinz ignores it to whine.

If someone proposed something to reduce the shit he whines about, he'd get all pissy.

I hate it, but don't you take it away from me. I really hate it!!!

Eh, I watch what I want to watch and let others do the same.

Also - if he's talking about Jersey Shore, I don't think their parents were rich. Maybe the Kardashians. Maybe. (One sister's husband looks so much like Christian Bale in American Psycho, it's terrifying.)

Also, he does realize most are scripted (The Hills)?