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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

That damned Vacation

What's Mallard raving about today

The same things, as always.

But I am on vacation, and have no intention of reading Mallard Fillmore.

Have fun in the comments!


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Really, Tinsley? "You're the REAL bigot for being intolerant of my bigotry!?" THAT'S your argument.

I would normally spew some invective here, but there's really nothing I can do to make that sound more pitiful than it is.

Tog said...

Aw, poor little old victimized Tea Party Lady. She's never called anyone names! And she's NEVER feigned tolerance while being a pathologically bigoted creep!

...Just like you, right Batshit?

Ducky is Right said...

I"m going to assume he's referring to 'teabaggers' more then the racist thing.

So, good job distinguishing between, "you people shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion" with "wow, what a bunch of laughably transparent, partisan haxjob concern trolls. Let's not take them seriously."

Rootbeer said...

An elderly white woman couldn't possibly be racist!

You can tell because they always lower their voices before talking badly about the "colored ladies" that work at the nursing home.

exanonymous said...

So what do you suggest, Mallard? You'll have to ban the signs from tea parties before the "party of tolerance" stops calling it like they read it.

Don't want to be a "tea bagger"? I suggest not using the phrase "tea bag" as a verb. Don't want to be a racist? Then maybe Obama with a bone through his nose isn't your best pick for your sign. It's not rocket science. We're not going to pat you on the head and tell you what fine Americans you are to show our tolerance, we're going laugh at you and your single-minded determination to screw up something as easy as protesting.

And leave Grandma out of it. She's busy moving to Mexico to get the cheap health care there.

dlauthor said...

Of course, Tinshley no doubt cheered the pillorying of nice old lady Shirley Sherrod, and probably still thinks she's a seekrit racist trying to impose sharia law on college football by selling candy at schools or something.

But that's OK, because nice old lady Shirley Sherrod is black.

"Me, racist? That's unpossible! Now if I can just get that darkie bartender to take my order ..."

Steve-O said...

More concise Mallard: "The Tea Party is just excersising its freedom of speech, now SHUT UP!"

wavydavy said...

So, calling someone names means that the name-caller cannot possibly be a tolerant person?

Sorry to go Godwin so early in the thread, but is Teabagger Lady (and, by extension, Tinkley) saying that if I call Hitler an evil, depraved, racist, anti-Semitic mofo, I could not possibly be a tolerant person?

Sorry, Brucie, but "tolerant" is NOT a synonym for "I don't care what you say, no matter how racist or offensive it is."


Toots McGee said...

Clearly, the concept of tolerance is absolute. If you don't tolerate anything and everything I could possibly do or say, you are not tolerant. If your position, as I define it, is to promote tolerance, and you will not tolerate me then you lose and I win, so suck it, you're the racist and I am right and stop calling my granny a racist, she only calls her poodle "niggerboy" as a sign of affection.

Kip W said...

After all, she did say "Sorry about the 'up yours, n******'!"

rewinn said...

"I know that people call me names, because I saw it on Fox News. TV never lies!"

deepbeep said...

"If they were really tolerant, they'd be tolerant of bigots like me!"

Tog said...

In the comments section under a Reuters article about the ignorant "NY Mosque" hate-uproar:

"Tolerate my comment. Otherwise, you’re intolerant."

Can't tell if it's sarcasm these days. The comment next to it: "When members of Islam pull this kind of stunt, they should not be surprised when normal, thoughtful people are offended and a select handful become irrationally hateful."


Madpuppy said...

Conservatives have a weird definition of what tolerance is.

I live in a small, very liberal town. In the 2004 elections for mayor, one of the candidates was a very right-wing, conservative, religious fanatic who was just a nasty piece of work. He got almost no votes. He then complained to the newspapers that his loss showed that liberals were the real intolerant ones- if they were tolerant of other people, then they would have voted for him, rather than a liberal.