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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

That damned Racism

What's Mallard raving about today?

Racism, President Obama.

Teabagger Mallard is suddenly deeply troubled by racism...white racism.

Not that Teabaggers are out of the mainstream or anything, it's just that they are:
  • More than twice as likely as the general public (25% vs 11%) to believe that “the policies of the Obama administration favor blacks over whites.”
  • Half as likely as the general public (16% to 31%) to believe that “white people have a better chance of getting ahead in today’s society.”
  • Almost twice as likely as the general public (52% to 28%) to believe that “too much has been made of the problems facing black people” in recent years.
Decades of American oligarchs systematically destroying the Middle Class. The Tea Party, a supposedly "grass roots" organization supports the oligarchs and, instead, blames Black People.

Useful Idiots doesn't even begin to do them justice.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Oh, this'll be good--watch as Tinsley tries to talk about the Sherrod incident while desperately avoiding any mention of the fact that the whole thing was triggered by Andrew Breitbart's blatantly racist bullshit--but that can't be! Because everyone knows the only REAL racism anymore is the dreaded REVERSE racism!

Still no idea what the hell the DoJ is supposed to have done, unless, as dlauthor suggests, it has something to do with the Arizona thing. Or possibly the "not prosecuting Black Panthers for no particular reason" thing. THE DOJ'S FAILURE TO ENGAGE IN BLATANTLY RACIST BULLSHIT MAKES THEM THE REAL RACISTS. Or something.

Factinista said...

I'm not saying that what he did was right, but stuff like this is exactly WHY Obama jumped the gun. Crackpots like Tinsley make up so many stupid conspiracy theories anyway (e.g. the NBP garbage) that Obama certainly can't afford to give them any more ammunition.

Tog said...

So, uh, do I have this right? Batshit is saying the administration "threw Sherrod under the bus" simply to cover up his anti-white racism in another department?

You're going to have to explain this DoJ thing eventually, Batshit. (And it's going to be hilarious.)

Has science determined exactly how far and how long a person must keep his head up his own ass to come up with something like that?

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Oh, Obama definitely jumped the gun on the Sherrod thing. But somehow pretending that Obama is primarily to blame is really the living end--"how DARE he trust us! He should have REALIZED that we're all lying, racist pieces of shit! Impeach!" This is REALLY the path you wanna take, Tinsley?

deepbeep said...

Let me get this straight... The President and Justice Department are conspiring against white people?

This has all the credibility of a person who recently compared Mexican immigrants to ravenous T-rexes.

Toots McGee said...

I'm just going to assume he's talking about the new black panther party thing because it's consistent with his "scary black people are taking over, we MUST ACT!" message.

If some new fearmongering issue has arisen, give us a clue, Ducky.

Something just occured to me. Perhaps the Sherrod story has left Tinz a little gunshy, especially given his lag time, that these types of ginned up FoxNews stories are going to be discredited so quickly that he won't be able to cite any of them specifically without looking like a total tool. Oh yeah, that ship has sailed. Whatever, just keep believing it. Scary black people...OOGA BOOGA taking your jobs, taking your money, taking your guns taking your rights...Scary black people...OOGA BOOGA

Kip W said...

Remember, kids! Justice for non-whites has to equal injustice for whites! And that's something Tin Eye will never tolerate.

Rootbeer said...

A thought-bubble dialogue where the participants are, apparently, a sheaf of papers and The Parthenon.

Even Bill Griffith can't draw comics this rich in of dadaist absurdism.

dlauthor said...

With a rattling of crushed aluminum cans, Tinshley sits up on the couch, shakes his fist at no one in particular, and bellows "damn that nigra President and his nigra attorney-general! " Then he chunders on his chest and flops down again to glare at the television for another six hours.

waaaaahbaggers said...

In Teabaggistan, the only real racists are the race realists.

Ducky is Right said...

Any chance at all that Duck is going to explain WHAT the FUCK he's talking about? Or has he finally accepted his role as echo chamber repeater?

Frank Stone said...

Good going, Brucie, acknowledging the reality in which the rest of us live with today's first thought balloon. Not that that makes up for The Usual Idiocy in the last thought balloon, but hey -- we take our victories where we can get them.

Beef Wellington said...

I can see Tinsley in full klansman garb, Standing next to a tree getting ready to watch a black person be hung while he simualtaniously waves a swastika flag, Looks across the street and sees a another black person holding a sign that says: Racists are imbred: And still say "Man now that's just racist"

WV: Disme: How ducky uses the word dismal to discribe himself, Disme

exanonymous said...

Bad timing with the new rules regarding minimum sentencing and possession amounts for cocaine.

The GOP voted against raising the amount to 28 from 5 because they claimed to be "tough on drug users". Yet no one offered to lower the powder limit from 500 to 5 instead. I guess all those rich white people are innocent victims and all those black people need some sort of zero tolerance to save them.

Racism exists towards white people, right?

Bill the Splut said...

So, combined with yesterday's strip, he thinks "Anti-white racism is total Mickey Mouse bullshit."

Hey, I agree! But then he adds, "Dept of Justice SOMETHING!!" and I don't have any clue what he's babbling about.

rewinn said...

I can explain. The Bush Administration Justice Department decided not to pursue criminal charges against a black man at a polling place in a black neighborhood. But there was always the chance of a civil penalty.
The Obama Administration got a restraining order against the guy.

A former Bush official complains that this is evidence that Obama is prejudiced against whites. Because obviously what Obama should've done is overturned the (white) Bush Administration's decision!

Next up: Obama's wife goes on a vacation to a foreign country, just like Bush's wife did. Therefore Obama is racist!