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Sunday, August 08, 2010

That damned custom

What's Mallard raving about today?


The immigrants coming to America, to work sub-minimum wage jobs, are predators.

The people employing them...helpless victims of these wily predators.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Boy, good thing Tinsley's specified that he is NOT a racist. Otherwise, this incredibly racist comic might seem incredibly racist.

Tog said...

Please note that this strip doesn't even PRETEND to be about ILLEGAL immigration. Batshit's apparently done with such pretense.

exanonymous said...

Okay, if you ask a neocon why we couldn't ban guns, their answer is simple: criminals would have them because criminals don't obey the law and honest citizens who do wouldn't be able to protect themselves.

Ask the same neocon about immigration, and all of a sudden they think strict laws are the magical solution to preventing the criminals from coming in, while making it hard for people who are potentially productive, tax-paying, hard-working citizens to actually immigrate.

But to spite the comic, I'm going to assume that's a white British oil exec T-rex. And that his tradition of eating the herd is a metaphor for lax drilling regulations, not for speaking a Foreignese language and having Foreignese holidays that apparently lead to cannibalism.

Ducky is Right said...

Once again, the man who spends, oh, 20% of his time bitching about how stupid the kids are with our lousy education system, sojourns on to proudly demonstrate his inability to understand how metaphors work.

WB, DaveyK

dlauthor said...

Finally realizing that the colorist isn't going to make the evil immigrants in his strip brown or black or yellow or any other color he sees as inferior, the drunken cartoonist just lays his cards on the table and depicts immigrants as a completely different, highly dangerous, species. Racist, him? Ce n'est pas possible!

Bonus points for the pseudo-cannibalism reference. Not quite Obama with a bone through his nose, but good try.

Eno said...

More cliche political comic strip rubbish: depict whatever faction you're criticizing as some kind of monstrous creature that cannot control it's nature then call it a day. Other suitable variants of this strip would be a wolf trying to muscle his way into a herd of sheep, or a cannibalistic African native trying to join a yacht club.

Oh wait, that last one might be too close to what Tinsley is really trying to say. To be honest I'm surprised he was able to show this much subtlety.

Kip W said...

Gosh, he's right. We don't sufficiently fear everybody who's different from us!

If anybody wants me, I'll be in the panic room, thinking about my defects.

deepbeep said...

You may have an argument if you're talking about 19th century Apaches, but I get the feeling you're talking about Mexicans. Here is what I think of your cartoon.

Beef Wellington said...

Flash Back:

Pilgrim: Hello native american people, I'd like to immigrate to your land while keeping my culture of intolerance and hate, Oh and I'm eventually going to kill your people and rape the land for what it's worth.

Tog said...

After a moment's consideration, I see this does in fact fit well with Batshit's philosophy after all.

It's not a matter of whether the immigrant is here illegally or not; it's an issue of assimilation to a point Batshit feels comfortable. (See: "Around blacks never relax.")

Take for example Dave, Batshit's completely-assimilated Vietnamese strawimmigrant. He's so "almost as good as white" now, that he's probably undergone a "Welsh not" type negative-reinforcement program to make him forget his native language.

Batshit's dream immigrant.

WV: humping. I swear to God.

deepbeep said...

I should clarify that the Apache had a cultural tradition of raiding their neighbors; the raids were considered noble and produced the best guerrilla fighters in the world, but the Mexicans and Americans understandably didn't appreciate it very much. (source: Dan Carlin's Hardcore History)

Kaitlyn said...

You'd think family values politicians would like Hispanic immigrants - family is important and you can never get away with anything.

It's almost like the fake '50s they remember.

And yes, speaking a different language, practicing a different faith, or doing Christianity "wrong" (different)... is the same as killing people.

This is about the few illegal immigrants who kill people, isn't it?

Is he claiming that MURDER is part of anyone's culture?

And has he ever looked up how to become an American citizen? It costs A LOT of money and first you have to prove yourself worthy enough to get in - usually by being a doctor or professor or something white-collar. Not construction or being a nanny or gardener or cook in a Mexican restaurant.

I think most of us who were born here (or to American parents overseas) could not afford to become American citizens - though I may be exempt as long as I'm in college, but if I can't get a good high-paying job, out I go.

Something must be done, but deporting everyone? It will be hard to find them (some are white Europeans!) and cost a lot of *YOUR MONEY* to make them go home.

And I doubt my ancestors who came here in the 1800s did it "legally."

Oh well, I still can't wait for a white Arizona cop to pull over a Native American.

Ducky is Right said...

Or send a Puerto Rican to Mexico because he didn't have a birth certificate with him.
I mean, that's happened already in other places, but still.

God forbid we address the real cause of them beaners coming into OUR nation: employers willing to look the other way for cheap labor. But that might make capitalism look bad and imperfect, so we'll just ignore that.

Rootbeer said...

That hydroencephaladon is clearly ASKING PERMISSION to become part of the nonplussedasaur tribe.

I thought we weren't opposed to immigration, as long as it's done through the proper bureaucratic channels, and the immigrants have skills that are in short supply domestically?

deepbeep said...

Yes, Rootbeer, but any labor shortage must be tempered with the fact that immigrants will eat us.