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Friday, August 13, 2010

That damned Popularity

What's Mallard Fillmore raving about today?

Soccer, President Obama.

This just in, Mallard Fillmore is dumber than dirt and has delusions of grandeur.

All of which is no more newsworthy than anything you may read in Mallard Fillmore today.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

No, Tinsley, you didn't "make fun of soccer snobs" (a group who I suppose exists in your head if nowhere else); you compared soccer fans to little kids eating paint chips and yukked if up about how much better the game would be if the players all killed one another with swords. And now you're too much of a spineless coward to even acknowledge your own douchey opinions.

I'll admit that the claim that you receive emails from readers IS pretty funny, though.

Ducky is Right said...

I'll say it again; when he's below 20% for a year and a half, gimme a call. Cuntwaffle.

Once again, Tinshy demonstrates that he does not understand how statistics/demographics work. First, he has to be aware that the bulk of his readers generally agree with him politically. That's how it works. You're not going to get a lot of negative feedback from your portrayal of a President who is not in your political corner.
Secondly, we can extrude that the unusual number of people being angry at what he regarding soccer pretty much proves that he's wrong about soccer. When your product is targeted to "real 'murkens", and you attack something that should not be liked by "real 'murkins", and you proceed to get angry feedback from said "real murkins", then you are demonstrably incorrect.

Of course, Tinshy decodes that this means that LOLOLOLOL NO 1 LIKES HITLERBAMANIN!! Because he's fucking stupid.

exanonymous said...

This just in: absolutely nothing Obama does will ever make a republican happy. At all. And by extension, his family also makes the GOP angry. So when you have 30% of the registered voting population blindly reacting negatively to anything and everything he does, the ratings tank. They do it on purpose while the remaining 70% reflects actual day by day opinion on policies. But despite the fact that the GOP is doing a darn good job of making sure nothing gets done in congress which in theory should appeal to all these people, their approval ratings are still even lower than Obama's.

Tog said...

Mallard (and by extension Batshit) is finally openly admitting here that he functions primarily as a troll rather than a satirist, and while he may not comprehend statistics or demographics, he's demonstrating his ability and willingness to twist figures into a wrong-wing talking point.

It's virtually a confession.

Anonymous said...

Tinsley reads e-mail?
What's the address?
I suggest that every comment posted here henceforth, and retroactively, be sent to him. Apparently, he is in need of more mail in order to make his "polls" statistically significant.

ajm said...

Tins seems puzzled that an opinion cartoonist might arouse -- what's the word? -- opinion.

Kip W said...

It's like this. The ones who disagree with you about Obama know you can't read. The soccer audience is a new demographic that you only just pissed off for the first time recently.

And the reason you don't get favorable email? The people who might write it to you can't figure out how it works.

Anthony said...

Lampooning? LAMPOONING??? Don't you have to tell an actual joke to lampoon?

I think this strip illustrates the Tinsley writing process. Brief pause. Unfunny statement starting with "This just in"

"Ah, that was an exhilarating and robust sixty seconds of work I put in today..."

Rootbeer said...

This is how the Pundit's Mind actually works: find some anecdotal information that aligns with your predispositions, draw from it a logically unsupported conclusion, blog furiously about it.

dlauthor said...

This just in: soccer is more popular than bigoted alcoholic thinks, even among his raving-mad teabagger fan base! Mugshot at eleven!

deepbeep said...

This is a good cartoon, assuming Mallard is lampooning the way FOX News gathers their information (aka, "some people say"). Sadly, I think he's just an idiot.

Bill the Splut said...

He received TWICE as many emails about his "soccer is SOOO GAAAY!" strips than about his "darn that uppity colored!" Obama strips!

Technically, 2 emails is twice his usual 1.

rewinn said...

I'm trying to care about Mallard Fillmore, but is it worth the effort?

It's like caring about the mumbling of the drunk at the end of the bar. Yeah, it's angry nonsense and yeah, today he's unintentionally funny because he's mocking his own thought processes (email to a cartoonist is "evidence"? ok, whatever...). But it's getting harder to care about this stuff. You don't want stupidity to rub off on ya.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Tinsley neither reads, nor uses electronic, or mechanical technology. He thinks this is standard for the country, and uses cartoons like this to try to pretend that he appeals to what he believes to be the minority.

Word Verification: Unally, Tinsley has unallied himself with everything that is not absolutely horrifying in the world.