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Monday, August 23, 2010

That damned Twitter

What's Mallard raving about today?


Prior to this, I would have said it was not possible for the signal-to-noise ratio on Twitter to become worse.

Shows you how much I know.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Actually, twitter seems like a much more appropriate venue for Tinsley's inane brain-farts than a comic strip.

Tog said...

What's sillier?

Batshit using a paranoid delusion to justify turning (what is purportedly) a comic strip into a billboard for his Twitter account?

Or Batshit pausing in his endless bitching about our shallow and useless and value-devoid generation to advertise his Twitter account?

Talk about mediocrity! Even strips banging a pan about his e-mail address pretended to have some other topic involved.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

'Sagood point--remember when he used to mewl piteously about texting slang? Well, now he's embracing a medium that encourages and promotes that very thing. What a man of principle is Tinz.

Toots McGee said...

So far, I've had no reason to get into twitter. Now I have even less reason.

NickE said...


I don't know exactly what Tinz' readership is, but since he appears in Newsday (with an average weekday readership of 375,000) it's notable that Mallard's Twitter account boasts only 55 followers.

Let's try and guess who they are!

1. Michelle Malkin
2. That Negro Guy Mallard Endorsed for President Because HE'S NOT RACIST
3. Sharrrrron Angle
4. The "GET A BRAIN MORAN" guy
5-55. Porn spambots.

And I'll bet that ALL of them are fascinated by his single tweet, dated eight months ago!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And what was Tinsley/Mallard's opinion of Twitter a year ago?

CW in LA said...

Hey, with Mallard, it's always about to get worse.

dlauthor said...

Yay, lots of drunk-tweeting to come, assuming he doesn't vomit into the keyboard first. What I want to know is, is he going to be commenting on things that happened two or three weeks ago there, too?

WV: bless. Er ... no.

Rootbeer said...


(* "Oops, I forgot to tell a joke!")

Steve-O said...

Personally, I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of Tinsley on Twitter. I could use the extra laughs,(Mallard Fillmore certainly doesn't provide them).

Kip W said...

I can see Tin's tweets now.

"[noun] is STOOPID!"

So it'll last until he gets tired of typing the above phrase, or until he runs out of nouns. I'm guessing the former.

exanonymous said...

I don't care. Twitter-shorthand annoys the hell out of me, can make the most intelligent sound stupid, and gives the stupid a way to brain fart on the internet.

waaaahbaggers said...

The Twitter account's underwhelming so far: a whine that he doesn't know what he's doing, then a few self-congratulatory fapping tweets and a promise to post a 9/11 comic on 9/11 (the only day Tinshley remembers any more, and only because it's hard to forget because its date is its name), a link to another wingnut wackadoo bitching about the darkie in the White House, then nothing for the past three hours, presumably because he lost consciousness. Unfortunately for him, I think his kids are in school today and can't go make sure Dad's lying on his side so he doesn't aspirate.

You'd think he'd have done something big to kick this off, considering the wankitude of today's comic (and probably tomorrow's, and Wednesday's, etc.), but then, it's Tinshley we're talking about. It's amazing the brain cells containing his memory of drawing the strip have survived the intervening fortnight at all.

rewinn said...

Searching Twitter for "Mallard Fillmore" yields

"thomgillespie: @mallardfillmore Why has Mallard Fillmore never been covered in OIL from BP since BP is the bastard child of Bush/Cheney energy policy? "

rewinn said...

It looks like Thinslhey's been directed to start posting on Twitter as a way to increase reichwing networking.

Four twitters in one day about getting started; his first substantive twitter is to link to an article by failed Reagan-Bush Adminstration official Linda Chavez (whose subsequent attempt to become W's Secretary of Labor was torpedo'd by her fondness for hiring illegal aliens.

DharmaPete said...

So (yaaaaaawn), Bruchie has a twittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.....excuse me, I feel asleep on my keyboard due to my utter lack of excitement over this.

Tog said...

Rewinn posted at 11:31:
"thomgillespie: @mallardfillmore Why has Mallard Fillmore never been covered in OIL from BP since BP is the bastard child of Bush/Cheney energy policy?"

Great, now I can't unsee the following strip:

Panel One: Mallard, standing on a dock, looks down on a duck not unlike himself struggling in an oil slick directly below as the duck pleads for help.

Panel Two: A badly-drawn CFL (...remember how those were going to kill us all in our sleep?) lights up above Mallard's head.

Panel Three: The oil-bound duck reacts with disgust as a thin yellow stream from above spatters on his head. Mallard: "It's trickle-down assistance! Get it? Wooooooo..."

deepbeep said...

His twitter account links to the stupidest article I've read in a while. If this partisan fantasy article is where he "gets ideas", his creative process is even less inspired than eating trail mix for dinner.

Since Tinsley decided not to draw a cartoon today, I'll have to snark on the article instead...

"But government spending doesn't create jobs in the private sector."

WRONG. I dare you to find any credible economist willing to back up this claim.

"He may be the most out-of-touch occupant of the White House in my lifetime."

I can't believe she actually said this. Unless she's 1 year old, in which case she's a baby genius and I take it all back.

"Even his signature accomplishment -- health care reform -- was more the handiwork of congressional Democrats than it was a product of his making."

Uhh, that's how legislation is supposed to work. You'd rather we have Emperor Obama?

"not even the Democrat candidates..."

I actually like it when people use "Democrat" as an adjective; it saves me time by letting me know they are a partisan hack and that I can stop listening to them.

"If Republicans can block tax increases... the president's popularity will likely improve as well, as it did for Bill Clinton after the 1994 Republican congressional sweep. But the irony will be that a Republican victory may be the president's only chance to improve his falling approval ratings."

Conclusion: Obama can only be popular if he kowtows to the Republicans... the party completely rejected by Americans for 4 years running. That's like suggesting the solution to Jay Leno's falling ratings is to emulate The Magic Hour.

Kaitlyn said...

I need an extra reaction button because my first thought was EEK!

I can't explain why, I just prattle on twitter, like I do here.

Maybe EEK because I may check it out because I check the comic daily, don't I?

Taquelli said...

The people he follows is an interesting overview. The first two pages are full of the right-wing hate machine and anonymous nobodies who probably agreed with him about some bullshit, but the people he added the earliest is just odd, including such celebs as Paula Abdul, Imogen Heap, and even Ellen. (?) It's almost as if he has a personality and cares about things...but then, I direct you the fact that he also follows every single twitter account endorsed by Fox News.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Yeah, sometimes I think: the man's a human being. Sure, he writes a craptastic comic, but is it REALLY good to direct so much hate at the guy? Then he write a comic like today's about how teachers are STOOOOPID, and it's just impossible to see him as anything other than a malignant little creep who deserves everything he gets.