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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That damned Justice

What's Mallard raving about today?

Eric Holder, Racism, The Justice Department.

Bull. Racism is dead. I know because Mallard Fillmore said so.

Seriously though, Mallard Fillmore is walking around with the belief that Blacks in America are unfairly advantaged and the legal system favors them.

Stop laughing. I'm serious.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Wow. He's really not making a token effort to even achieve a baseline level of comprehensibility anymore. Can ANYONE discern any point to this comic other than "BLARGH OBAMA PS I'm not racist ni- negroes are racist."

Yup--he's paid for this.

Well, at least he's sufficiently aware of what a shitty caricaturist he is that he helpfully labeled his rendition of Eric Holder!

Factinista said...

Of course there are allegations, Tinsley- you're the one making them!

Ducky is Right said...

Anyone feel like looking up the demographics of Justice Department employees? I don't.

But that's not the point. The point is; scary blacky pres'dent, with his scary blacky AG*, are refusing to prosecute a scary blacky person. Because they HATE GOOD HONEST DECENT WHITE PEOPLE!!!!
What did scary blacky person do? Immaterial!! Fox told me that he did bad and the DoJ won't prosecute a fellow blacky (see above).

If this is about the guy who was protesting or what the fuck ever, at a polling location in PA, I'm not sure that's Federal jurisdiction anyways.

*incidentally, compare how Ducky decided to draw AG Holder, with how Holder actually looks. But he's not racist.

Rootbeer said...

Oh god, Eric Holder is stroking out. His eyes are rolling back in his head and he's about to fall over.

Somebody help him!

Madpuppy said...

Back in 1988, when I was in college, Jesse Jackson was making a bid to be the Democratic nominee for President. One of my roommates said he would never vote for Jackson, because, if he became President, he would take away all the rights that white people had fought so hard to earn.

I couldn't believe anyone could say something so stupid and mean it.

It seems as if that kind of thinking has not gone away, and is now acceptable mainstream "wisdom."

dlauthor said...

Yay! The syndicate colorist, my favorite person in the world, made Holder white! At this point, Tinshley will be clawing furrows in his own face and ripping hanks of hair from his face, screaming "HE'S A N*GG*R! A N*GG*R! WHY DON'T THEY EVER GET IT RIGHT? WHY DO THEY GET ALL MY N*GG*RS WRONG? NO I'M NOT A RACIST THE N*GG*RS ARE!"

At this rate, he's going to have a fatal aneurysm before his liver kills him, and I'll end up losing the pool. But I'm not sure I'll be sad that I did.

exanonymous said...

It honestly amuses me that there is nothing scarier to some people than a black person standing around with a night stick.

It probably wouldn't be wise to tell them that black people can also purchase assault rifles, join the military to receive elite combat training, or become scientists with access to nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons.

And that they have legal and rightful access to all voting places.

rewinn said...

The DOJ/racism bit is another phony Fox News scandal, based on evidence-free claims of Republican activist J. Christian Adams. (That's right - Adams ADMITS he has NO EVIDENCE except his suspicions - and Fox thinks it's news!)

See Media Matters summary.

Key points:

* Adams was hired to the Justice Department in 2005 by Bradley Schlozman, who was found by the Department of Justice Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility to have improperly considered political affiliation when hiring career attorneys -- the former head of the DOJ voting rights section reportedly said that Adams was "exhibit A of the type of people hired by Schlozman";

* Adams has admitted that he does not have first-hand knowledge of the events, conversations, and decisions that he is citing to advance his accusations;

* The Bush administration's Justice Department -- not the Obama administration -- made the decision not to pursue criminal charges against members of the New Black Panther Party for alleged voter intimidation at a polling center in Philadelphia in 2008;

* The Obama administration successfully obtained default judgment against Samir Shabazz, a member of the New Black Panther Party carrying a nightstick outside the Philadelphia polling center on Election Day 2008;

* The Bush administration DOJ chose not to pursue similar charges against members of the Minutemen, one of whom allegedly carried a weapon while harassing Hispanic voters in Arizona in 2006;

* No voters have come forward to claim that they were intimidated from voting on account of the New Black Panthers standing outside the polling center in 2008;

Kip W said...

To be fair, the lettering in the balloons was forced on Tinsley at the last minute by humorless editors at the syndicate. Originally, it read: "Booga booga booga booga booga... BOOGA BOOGA!"

deepbeep said...

This is freaking ridiculous.

Frank Stone said...

If those of us reading MF this week were not already "in the know" about the J. Christian Adams non-story, we would have no idea what Brucie was going on about, because he has yet to reference any specifics about this "anti-white racism" at the Obama DOJ.

Evidently, he was just hedging his bets in case the specifics he did offer turned out to be utterly bogus. This demonstrates a remarkable degree of foresight on Brucie's part, but I'm not sure that accusations based on no evidence are any better than accusations based on bogus evidence.

DharmaPete said...

What all Blacks think, in Tinshley's alcohol soaked pea-brain: "Oh, thank the good Lawd Almighty! We is in charge and we is gonna make Whitey our bitches. We's the massas now, Whitey." What an asshole!!!

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Fuck you, Tinsley for all the following reasons:

1. Stealing a joke from Richard Pryor.

2. Obsessing about anti-White racism while ignoring centuries of White racism.

3. Complaining about this while saying racism is dead.

4. Saying racism is dead.

5. Using a Black man to express your extremely White beliefs.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

You have a pool going? I want to put $10 on Tinsley being lynched by members of every group he has offended--i.e, every group.

Word Verification: Durvers, highly unsafe drivers, like Tinsley.