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Monday, August 30, 2010

That damned Flip-Flop

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Muslim Community Center.

Mallard enters the faux outrage brigade with a pretty tepid intro, wounded by his complete lack of understanding of even the simplest phrases (flip-flop) in the English language.

As for the matter itself, Republicans continue their assault on the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and America itself.

Sharron Angle is right, there are domestic enemies within Congress: every Republican against the Muslim Community Center and every Republican wanting to take us back to Dred Scott are violating the Constitution they swore to uphold.


Ducky is Right said...

Weak. Very weak. I'm genuinely disappointed, I was hoping for something interesting; but no, we're back to "Obama thinks he's God".

Again: dude, if you're not even going to try, this isn't any fun.

NickE said...

San Antonians wouldn't give a rat's ass if California weighed in on whether to allow a Taco Bell two blocks from the Alamo. It's their city, and people who don't live there should shut the hell up.

I live in New York; I worked across the street from the WTC South tower, in the building that's been taken down due to contamination (and massive damage when the top 20 floors of the South Tower landed on it). As an Indianan, on this topic Tinz should shut the fuck up.

(Aside: I recently read a "letter to the editor" from somebody who lives in Kentucky who asked why a mosque needs to be built in downtown Manhattan: "It's the business district, and nobody lives there." Ah, an expert on NYC)

Steve-O said...

We waited on the edge of our seats for Tinsley to weigh in on the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque" nontroversy and we get a lame "Obama as messiah" joke? Damn Bruce, I knew you were asinine and childish but this takes the cake.

dlauthor said...

Wait, which president thought he was a direct conduit to God? Because I don't think it's the Seekrit Mooslim. Bruce, go check that stack of newspapers from 2003 in the corner of your living room, have three or four more drinks, and get back to me.

Rebochan said...

This comic is far too boring to discuss, so I'm just going to ask - anyone else having "fun" reading his Twitter?

Rootbeer said...

In fairness, every Democrat in opposition to allowing Park51 to be built is ALSO an enemy of American principles.

deepbeep said...

He combined Republican memes from the '04 and '08 elections! That has to count for something.

Kip W said...

Mosque Month, Day 1: We're off to a bland, generic start, getting the traditional mute stare from some sort of rattle with facial features.

Somewhere, Man Ray is scratching his head in puzzlement, wondering what it all means.

ajm said...

Rebochan>> Yes. A recent Tins tweet:

The emails accusing me of "teacher-bashing" are coming in on schedule. Thanks to all of the great teachers out there who get my real point

If there are, indeed, so many "great teachers out there," then why expend so much artistic firepower going after a handful of rotten ones? It's hunting goldfish with a cannon.

Rootbeer said...

"It's hunting goldfish with a cannon."

Speaking of goldfish, whatever happened to Mallard's pet fish Eddie?

Both he and Congressman Veneer are listed as regular characters on King Features' web site, but neither has appeared or been referenced in the 2+ years I've been following the strip.

deepbeep said...

Rootbeer: Mallard just got a dog a few weeks ago, and that's already forgotten. Bruce Tinsley has the same memory-span as Eddie.