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Thursday, August 19, 2010

That damned Report

What's Mallard raving about today?

Parents, Education, Toasters.

Liar. Making up a report which just happens to support his talking point.

Marxist. Parents can't be trusted to make their own decisions, some sort of Nanny State is required.

Asshole. Parents deserve a break, not a lecture.

And not funny.


Tog said...

Oh, definitely "asshole." Tell you what, Batshit: you cough up a person espousing the "preparation for mediocrity" argument without being paid to do so by the GOP, and I'll apologize for everything I've ever said about you.

Like YOU have any business lecturing people about mediocrity...hey, do another strip featuring Mallard splaying his crotch at the misshapen TV! ...Useless hack.

exanonymous said...

Usually one has to go to the school in one's district, so there isn't a huge amount of choice, less so in areas with smaller population. And since jerks don't like to spread wealth around, if it's a poorer district than its a improperly-funded school.

Private school doesn't fix that.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Oh, Tinsley is a strong opponent of mediocrity. For him, nothing less than absolute, flaming awfulness will do. He has his principles, you know. Well, not really. But you get the general idea.

CasualBrowser said...

FHMCGeo, Tinsley is a strong opponent of mediocrity. For him, it's competition on his home turf.

Kip W said...

So which did Tin Eye go to? It has to have been public school. The private schools keep their GPA up by not admitting the congenitally stupid in the first place. I guess that's how he 'knows' they're useless: just look how he turned out.

Kip W said...

Actually, Tin stopped attending school when they installed a metal detector. He thought they said "mental" detector.

rewinn said...

Tinshley is saying his base is poorly-educated and doesn't care about their kids.

That may be true.

Steve-O said...

So is Tinsley advocating abolishing public schools? More likely he would prefer that rich white people go to private schools, and leave those awful public schools, with their damned metal detectors and substandard teachers for the poor and the over-pigmented.

I don't get these "comics".

Ducky is Right said...

Marvel as the Amazing DUCKO makes shit up, so he can pretend to be relevant!

Actually, yes, a bus that comes to your street to pick up the children IS a very valuable service. And you all thought he didn't have any valid points! tsh-pshaw!

Gee, Ducks, maybe parents would have more time and resources to be more active in their childrens' schooling if they didn't have to work two jobs, while watching their income shrink as the cost of living bounds ever higher, thanks to Corporate America. Just a thought.

dlauthor said...

The mysterious panel for me in this strip is the first one. There doesn't appear to be any joke, any snideness, or any anything there. There doesn't appear to be any evidence that the woman turned out anything but fine. The only difference between her and any other random Tinshley scribble, actually, is that she appears to be brown. Is that the joke, Tinshley? That non-white people think public school is OK, so therefore it must not be because the darkies are always wrong (and also, don't forget, the real racists?) Or is this another case of "oooops, I forgot to make a joke!"

Also, crypto-racism alert in the implication that school busing is a bad thing. Have another beer, you bigoted tool.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

I think the joke is that anyone reads Consumer Reports: Tinsley believes that all corporations are infallible, and anyone who questions their decisions must be a Nazi Communist. Tinsley harbors an incredible hatred of Ralph Nader, because Nader saved the lives of guys who did not mindlessly follow the demands of corporations, who Tinsley believes should die.

Word Verification: Glyclist, Tinsley is a Methylene Glycolist.

Tog said...

@DLAuthor: ...She grew up to be a woman, didn't she? An UGLY woman, too! She must be one of those Birkenstock-wearin' rad-cackles America needs ta refudiate, yew betcha! Why can't liberal broads be attractive, like Sarah P. Failin' or Dr. Laura?

dlauthor said...

You'd think Tinshley would love Nader, though. For one thing, he got Bush elected, which made America the paradise we all know and love today. Second, his campaign to make seat belts a required safety device in cars has surely saved Bruce's life on multiple occasions by now, given Bruce's history.

Actually, no. What am I thinking? Tinshley probably thinks people who wear their seat belts are like Hitler or Stalin or Woodrow Wilson or something.

Marion Delgado said...

Charter schools are part of a right-wing campaign against public schools. Part of that is a deliberate attempt to create two tiers of education - good one for the royalty and bad one for the serfs. It ties into an attempt to turn education into fascist and Christian theocratic indoctrination, too. It exploits racism nakedly in the process.

And, actually, charter schools are no better on average than public schools, and considering that they're more selective on average with which students they're willing to educate, they're an objective market failure.

The true answer to public school's problems is throwing money back at them, but in a positive, non-sabotaging fashion.

California repealing Proposition 13 would be a great start.

Frank Stone said...

What fun: Another week of "Skool SUUUXX ej'cashun SUUUXX where's my bottle UUURP-BRAAAP grrlghhlll... >thud<"

And once again, not so much as a "*Fox News" to support something that's presented as a verifiable fact.

deepbeep said...

"Many", eh? Are you auditioning for FOX News?

I should be glad Mallard is taking up an important subject rather than TV for once, but he ironically takes a debate about education and dumbs it down. This is like a werewolf complaining about rising levels of lycanthropy, with the solution being to start biting people on full moons.

The world according to Mallard Fillmore...

Symptom: Public education is producing poor results, particularly in lower income areas.

Problem: American parents are idiots.

Solution: Private schooling, to separate your children from the common folk.

Toots McGee said...

I think what I'm getting is that any parent who would subject their children to public schooling doesn't give a shit about their kids. They are either blissfully ignorant about the mediocrity of the education their kids will certainly receive, or they are cynically choosing the "free" option so they can blow all their surplus income on luxuries like healthcare and food.

Tinsley really hates America.

Kaitlyn said...

But! What does he think of the many many many kids in who lie about their address so they can go to another, better school in a richer town?

Actually, their parents probably do that. You put down an address in the right rich district - though you have to provide your own transportation.

The county says it's bad, but they never catch anyone. Not enough time and money to do so.

Parents are stupid. hahahaha

I'm sleepy and drugged and this doesn't make me laugh or please me.