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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mallard hates the free market, but we can all stuff ourselves silly!


Toots McGee said...

A Thanksgiving "treat" for the D&C community: Teenager Blames DUI Crash On "Twilight" Snub | The Smoking Gun

Happy Thanksgiving all!

CW in LA said...

Well, this is uncomfortable; I too think there's something really ugly about the whole black Friday phenomenon. Just for starters, the fact that anyone is going along with the notion that we should spend Thanksgiving night lining up in the cold and dark so we can scours stores frantically for stuff to buy tells me that our consumer culture certainly has a told of people well trained.

That said, however, I just sit that nonsense out, as we're all more than free to do. I spend Thanksgiving night in my warm, comfy bed, and I'm thankful to have the opportunity to do that.

And, ummm a break not a lecture?

CW in LA said...

Bah, I don't know how I typed "told" when I mean "whole lot of". I haven't even been dipping into the Research, I swear.

Tog said...

Part of Batshit's shtick has always been that in their slobbering, knuckle-dragging stupidity, those idiot Americans (God! He hates that ignorant, dogshit country SO much!) have lost all their values and have forgotten the true meaning of whatever holiday it happens to be.

...Except for Batshit himself, of course. He remembers! He knows the true meaning of Thanksgiving is to express his imagined superiority over all you dirty heathens; the true meaning of Christmas is to pretend he knows anything about Christianity; and the true meaning of Veterans' Day is to wrap himself in the flag (and the service of others) and pretend he's a patriot of the highest caliber.

(all subject to not forgetting said holiday)

Happy Holidays! (I'm getting my War on Christmas started early this year.)

rewinn said...

I'm having fun today.

Mallard never does.

I think my strategy is better than his.

Y'all do the same!

Bill the Splut said...

Oh, Brucie, always so eager to be the "turd" in turducken!

Everyone else: today, eat (too much), drink (not too much) and be merry! And, if you can, do what I did: give some money to FoodShare, Food Not Bombs, or whoever your local feed-the-hungry charity is. It'll make someone else thankful, and piss off greedy Randian jerks with your horrible, horrible socialism.

WV: substo; "Be like Mallard, and use SUBSTO (TM), the processed replacement for actual substance in your comic strips!"

Kip W said...

I'm thankful that I can read Mallard Fillmore and then put it down, happy in the knowledge that I don't live in that fucked-up world.

Happy day, everybody!

Frank Stone said...

A badly-drawn car floating in a white void, accompanied by a "joke" that denigrates capitalism.

Here's a thought, Brucie: How about you take a moment today to give thanks that you're still being paid good money to continue producing this worthless garbage?

BodyBag said...

Please tell me that's not Chantel's body strapped to the top of the car while Mallard drives out to a remote area to bury her in a shallow grave. Because that's the most obvious reading of this.

Tog said...

OT: Funny we ain't hearin' much out of Mitch McConnell's beak around Thanksgiving...because I finally realize what his locked-in blank stare, weak jaw and wrinkled neck wattle remind me of.


Happy Holidays!