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Friday, November 25, 2011

That damned News

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Economy, Reindeer

Mallard Fillmore thinks people losing their jobs and families being unable to afford Christmas presents is hilarious.

Economically, he may not be part of the 1%. But he is part of the 1% in every other way.

For God's sake, are you really this much of a heartless bastard? I mean, we make fun of you all the time here, justifiably. But I've always assumed you were still basically human (or waterfowl, whatever) despite the fact that your politics are so misguided. After today, however, I'm starting to wonder if I may be being too generous in that opinion.


Tog said...

"Hey, kids! Bad news! Santa just got shot down over Canada! Obama gave the order! Hurrrrrrrrrrrr!!"

Kip W said...

We all know that if Obama really, really cared about families, he'd find a way to override the GOP's veto of everything with even a snowball's chance of helping. But he doesn't, so vote GOP next time, and maybe you can get a job as a butler or chauffeur or something.

rewinn said...

When did Santa's Workshop get taken over by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital?

Steve-O said...

Davey, you really may have to rename this blog "Dickcover".

deepbeep said...

Ha ha! Not only are people out of work, but also they can't afford to buy presents!