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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Those damned Stickers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Volvos, Subarus, Shoppers.

No, Mallard, I do not agree with your smugly asserted premise.

By the way, Mallard, if you were to consume no news at all, you would be more informed than you currently are, since you watch Fox


Tog said...

Equally valid statement: "Ever notice the people who most fervently claim to be patriotic Americans also talk a lot about 'watering the tree of Liberty' and violently overthrowing the U.S. government?"

OT: Since in about a week or so Batshit will unceremoniously drop Herman Munster down his Antarctica-sized Memory Hole and declare Newty-Newt as the latest Reagan Reborn, let me just note that Newt has returned to his roots by calling for a return to child labor. Because firing adults and making kids to the work for chump change will fix the economy.

(You may recall the Newty once wanted to take children away from welfare recipients and put them in forced-labor camps--I mean, orphanages. Daaaaamn, Newty loves him some Big Government, don't he? But it's okay! It'd be just like the movie "Boys' Town!" Really!)

dlauthor said...


Kip W said...

Does it matter what country your car company's main office is in when the parts could have been made anywhere in the world? Some Japanese carmakers make most of their cars for the US market here, and some US carmakers ship most of their work to whatever third-world country gets the lowest wages this year. Volvo was made by Ford until Ford sold the brand this year — to a Chinese company.

In the mean time, Tin Eye will condemn attempts to get people to buy locally because, like, he totally saw a great big hypocrite this one time.

Rootbeer said...

No, Duck, I had not noticed that.

As a Hoosier, surely you are aware that Subaru has had an assembly plant in Lafayette, IN for more than 20 years now, and thus those "foreign" cars that send you into your blind drunken rage are actually likely the most local vehicles available?

CW in LA said...

Since Brews is being lazy and repetitive, I will too and point out that, in his behind-the-times world, the Prius evidently hasn't been invented yet.

The incompetent hack can't even get librul stereotyping right.

dlauthor said...

And Rootbeer wins the comment thread for the day. We should send a link to the strip to the management of the Lafayette plant, to make sure they know what a raging asshole lives in their state.

rewinn said...

Googling "subaru lafayette plant" got me in 0.27 seconds. I guess google must have a liberal bias!

P.S. ever notice how "small-government conservatives" always trust the government to torture and kill the right people?

P.P.S. for actual political commentary with a bit of a laugh, see Pepper Spraying Cop
Casually Pepper Spray Everything

Steve-O said...

Bruce needs to read lots of Tom Tomorrow and take notes. Nevermind, strike that, I like my humor ironic.

Frank Stone said...

Shorter Mallard: "Hur-hur! Libruls r hipocrits! Hur-hur!" How many fifths -- er, hours of that week's research do you suppose Brucie had to polish off to come up with that glistening pearl of insight?

And we can add perspective (the drawing kind, in addition to the psychological kind) to the list of things he doesn't understand: Since the horizon would fall approximately in the center of the strip, putting Mallard's eyeline at about the same level as the rear window, either that's a REALLY small car or Mallard recently experienced a significant growth spurt.

Lastly: Even though Brucie regularly embraces the inverted (perverted?) visual storytelling rule "tell, don't show", he manages to muck it up here by including a fragment of the bumper sticker. Can't even break the rules right.

Bill the Splut said...

...says the hack who was hired by the Reverend Moon, and whose strips appear almost exclusively in Murdoch-owned papers.

Erich said...

But don't you see, it's irrelevant whether or not the factories employ American WORKERS...the only thing that matters is whether the American companies' CEOs profit!

WV: "Putski." No further comment necessary.