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Monday, November 21, 2011

That damned Party

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Clinton. Herman Cain

Seriously? Mallard, based on facts (which I know you have an atavistic reaction against):

  • The Media crucified President Clinton.
  • Congress Impeached President Clinton
  • The United States People re-elected him
Your desperate attempt to rewrite history is baloney. And why do you hate Democracy so much?

Next up: comparisons to Justice Thomas as a defense of Herman Cain.


Tog said...


Historical revision aside, Batshit wants to have it both ways: the Democrats are running some sort of impenetrable conspiracy that envelops both the media and the judicial system...yet Bill's calling to assist the GOP's (former) frontrunner, apparently in the hope that Herman Munster will drop everything and bring his awesome charisma and popularity over to BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OH DAAAAAMN I TRIED SO HARD TO KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE

I love how Batshit has once again switched from "Teabagger Tidal Wave o'Triumph Spells Doom For Stoopit Demonratz!" to "ZOMG The Demonratz Get A Free Pass On Everything!" without a hint of awareness. I know logic, like fact, has a liberal bias, but come on.

dlauthor said...

Yes, switch parties, because Republican David Vitter was run out of Washington on a greased rail while Anthony Weiner skated. I remember it well.

Also, right-wing hack Bruce Tinshley was dropped by his syndicate after his repeated DUIs!

Kip W said...

Yeah, I remember the free ride Bill got all through Travelgate and Whitewatergate and Vincefostergatewater and Where'sthsoefilesohnevermindheretheyaregate and Troopergate and Gategate and Helookedatmefunnygate and It'sascandalbecausewesaysogate and Teapotdomegate and Haircutgate and Presumedguiltygate and Wherethere'ssmokegate and Hemusthavedonesomethinggate and all those other horrific abuses of the American system. The fact that he was never found guilty even after all those accusations is highly, highly suspicious, which led to the six-month ordeal of Neverfoundguiltygate.

Toots McGee said...

Oh yeah, right, because....what?

Please make sure you donate your brain to science, Brucie. We should study that thing.

Rootbeer said...

Remember when Governor Clinton was embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal, and he responded by switching parties and the media was nice to him from then on?


Tog said...

"I said to his assistant, I said, 'That sounds foreign!' Not that I had anything against foreign doctors...but it sounded too foreign! My mind immediately started thinking: wait a minute, maybe his religious persuasion is different than mine!"
-- Shallow, bigoted, and thoroughly un-American bastard Herman Cain, on one of the doctors who treated him for colon cancer


No wonder Batshit likes him.

Frank Stone said...

It's funny because it's NOT true! Once again, "Mallard Fillmore" bucks the System!

To paraphrase Dr. Frasier Crane: What color is the sky in your world, Bruce?

rewinn said...

Now that Newt "Wife Cheater" Gingrich is the GOP front runner, let's see if he switches parties!

Kip W said...

rewinn, let's see if he switches wives!

TBogg has it right. He says Newt will change his mind and decide later to run for president of some younger, hotter country.