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Monday, November 07, 2011

What's Mallard raving about today?

Liberals, Dinosaurs

Uh, Mallard, you understand that Tyrannosaurus was also a carnivore, right?

In terms of your metaphor here, if the Tyrannosaurus was "old" then, in the animal kingdom, death is a pretty likely fate. Also, can you think of any other words with the same root as "Tyrannosaurus" which mean this metaphor works better when read with the opposite intent as yours?

God, you really suck at your job.

BTW - I realize I am not in the segment of Mallard's readers which are reflexively reflexively frightened at the dog whistle metaphor of a "pack" of "carnivores."


Kip W said...

Sic semper tyrannosaur!

CW in LA said...

Silly Mooslims; Freedom's fer white folks.

PS: Plop.

dlauthor said...

I wonder how hard Tinshley would have been fapping to his signed 8x10 of Henry Kissinger if Qaddafi had been overthrown during the Shrub administration.

Oh, wait. That never would have happened, would it?

Andrew said...

Oh, he understands. See, the "Arab spring is bad because all the people who have overthrown the tyrants are just like the tyrants themselves.

If only some good Christian folks, like those folks in Uganda Rush was so worried Obama would hurt had been in charge, then this would be good news.

Verification- erspol: a word which contains exactly as much sense as Mallard does.

Frank Stone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tog said...

Quick! Bomb them!
Bomb them until they love America!!
Prepare the drones and no-bid contracts!

...Jesus, look at that out-of-control outline on the center word balloon. PERFESSHUNALIZM? (slurp) WHUT'S THET?!?

Tog said...

Also: Why would aquatic dinosaurs be concerned with landlocked carnivores, anyway? Is there some Jurassic Park sequel in which raptors are shown using SCUBA gear?

Neo Tuxedo said...

dlauthor skrev:

I wonder how hard Tinshley would have been fapping to his signed 8x10 of Henry Kissinger

Just because Brews is making me want to enucleate my own eyeballs and throw them on the grilyr, that doesn't mean to say commenters have to throw me images I can never unsee.

DiR said...

Good thing racism's dead, or this would smack of it.

rewinn said...

Our Founders thought that all people wanted to be free.

Tinshley doesn't.

Why does he hate America?