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Sunday, November 27, 2011

That damned Committee

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Super Committee

Thought we probably don't agree on the reasons, the stupidity of the Super Committee is at least one place where Mallard an I can agree.


DiR said...

So... Mallard is against cutting spending? What the fuck is this? I honestly do not know what his point is.

Tog said...

The DJ3000: "Those clowns in Congress did it again! What a bunch of clowns!"
Radio DJ: "How does it keep up with the news like that?!?"

Admittedly, though, it was an exercise in futility for Democrats to try to work with a party whose frequently-stated goal is to plow them and "their" President under...nation be damned. Thanks for pointing that out, Batshit!

Kip W said...

If we would just give all the rocks to the rich, they would surely allow enough boulders to trickle down to take care of all our head-bashing needs.

rewinn said...

Drawing of caveman + wall of text = "comic" so bad that no-one will want it on a t-shirt.

For extra incompetence, add in the fact that it is more than a week late from being topical. Anyone who does 40-90 hours of week of "research" should have known two months in advance when the Supercommittee would succeed or fail, and issued this "comic" last Sunday. We are all just a little bit stupider for having read this "comic".

As an antidote, check out Frederick Pohl's birthday wish. SF fans will recognize Pohl as one of the earliest and best political SF/satirists.

Frank Stone said...

Keith Olbermann did a much better takedown of the "Super Committee" idiocy as soon as it was announced. But then, he knows how to use words and stuff.

Rootbeer said...

How am I supposed to find any logical consistency in this comic strip if the author keeps futzing with its tropes?

Cavemen (and sometimes dinosaurs) are supposed to represent "Liberals", dammit, not "Government". If I can't rely on this strip to explicitly omit any suggestions of Republican malfeasance, what can I rely on?

Furthermore, the "joke" doesn't make any sense.