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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Those Damned Slurs

What's Mallard raving about today?

Occupy Wall Street

While scoring 100% on echoing dishonest Fox ad hominem attacks on OWS, Mallard has yet to make a single substantive rebuttal.

In other words, business as usual in the Right Wing.

By the way, I'd like to remind everyone this is the same Mallard Fillmore who decries any claims that Teabaggers are racist.


Tog said...

Batshit: "And I drew a Jewish man as a hook-nosed child molester because he made fun of my obvious mental problems!"

I notice the older protestor isn't holding up a sign to identify his affiliation.

Pretty sure the guy's not a teabagger or even a Republican, but I know if Dr. King were marching today, Batshit would have "legitimate concerns" about where King was taking a dump.

And does Batshit seriously want to bring up marching with Dr. King? Because even when Romney's not lying about it, it's (quote) no kind of ace (endquote) for political opportunists.

Rootbeer said...

Great, you marched with Dr. King to eliminate the estate tax or whatever it was. That was nearly half a century ago -- what have you done for us lately?

Over here in the real world, the communal leadership of Occupy Wall Street is making sure that the group sweeps up after itself, and that anybody who shows up with an anti-Semitic sign is immediately engulfed in a thicket of anti-anti-Semitic signage.

I may not agree with them on whether standing around in a park is a practical way to effect corporate/governmental change, but the sociological dynamics of the community itself are fascinating to observe.

Even if I don't stand with them, I see no sensible reason to want to stand against them.

Kip W said...
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Kip W said...

[yanked and edited]

"Tinsley has me dead to rights.

"I am the one. Out of hundreds of thousands, I'm the one who made that anti-semitic slur. I'm the one who pooped on the paddy wagon. And I'm the one whose eyes are congenitally crossed. I'm ugly, too, and made of straw. I won't pick up my room, and I like to stand around on private lawns listening to my loud music, which is nothing but a bunch of noise!

"I AM THE .0001%!"

rewinn said...

On the bright side: the reichwing is temporarily stopped blaming crime in the streets on dark skinned people!

Outrage over the invented misbehavior of uppity white people: that's progress, sort of!

Rootbeer said...

As we all remember, nobody affiliated with the Reverend King ever expressed anti-Jewish sentiments, had an adversarial relationship with police, or got in the way of public areas being power-washed.

Choke on your own hate, Bruce Tinsley.

Anonymous said...

And did the tea party (TP) not ever make a mess? Particularly in Washington, DC. Or did government workers need to pick up after them?

Anonymous said...

The GOP right loves loves loves Israel and views its treatment of "Arabs" as the ideal role model for the US. Thus, the standard cry of "anti-semitism" is their ultimate insult. Read the posts on Free Republic whenever anyone in public life questions the god-given right of Israel to murder Palestinians or uppity young Americans like Rachel Corrie or Furkan Dugan.

Frank Stone said...

Wow, a two-fer! Expressing tacit approval of Dr. King's march -- thus implying "See, I support Dr. King! I'm not a racist!!" -- AND continuing the tactic of presenting the exception as the rule. Well done, Brucie. I mourn for the many brain cells that effort must have cost you.