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Saturday, November 12, 2011

That damned Accountability

What's Mallard raving about today?

Joe Biden

Once again, in a startling development, the Fillmore Foundation releases a study supporting the pre-conceived notions of it's eponymous Founder.

The study does, however, raise at least two interesting questions:

  1. As the Fillmore Foundation has only identified a single instance of Joe Biden saying something the Foundation has deemed "offensive", what is meant by the use of the plural "things" in this study?
  2. What methodology has the study used to control for the fact that Biden's statement occurred in 2007, while Republicans say multiple offensive things on a daily basis (c.f., Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, on November 10)?
We await these clarifications.


Frank Stone said...

In the course of attempting to smear Joe Biden (with lies, natch), Mallard admits that Republicans say offensive things for which they are held accountable.

Yet another example of how the only truth-telling that occurs in "Mallard Fillmore" is the unintentional kind.

Tog said...

The pill-popper doubles down:

Limbaugh jokingly asked why Kraushaar would propose a joint appearance. "Do they want to synchronize their menstrual periods? Why appear together?" Limbaugh asked on Thursday.

Limbaugh defended his comments on Friday. According to Limbaugh, present day feminism has reached "a degree..that people are afraid to even whisper anything" that could be deemed offensive. He added that while fear has not "overcome" or "changed" him, "everybody else holds back."

Limbaugh attributed this apprehension to the growing demand for political correctness. He said that today, people are "censoring themselves, not for any reason other than somebody could get offended and start raising hell, or acting like a little, whining baby."

...In other words, carrying on like Rush Limbaugh. Next up: Rush pitches a fit about toilet training, audibly soiling himself in the middle of a broadcast.

Your move, Batshit.

Kip W said...

57! 57! 5-...

Oh, sorry. That's the Obama gaffe.

Kip W said...

And remember, the important thing isn't how many "gaffes" a Democrat says, or even whether they really were a gaffe before the Gops started in on it, but how many times a day they repeat it in pre-emptive attempts to take attention away from the crap they're saying as we speak.

rewinn said...

"We got bin Ladn"

"We made it so insurance companies can no longer drop you for getting sick"

"We organized the liberation of Libya in a way that no Americans died"

... yeah, the only way Biden could be held accountable for saying those things is if he were a Republican. Otherwise, the corporate media will ignore it.

Steve-O said...

Yes, because if a Republican vice-president said something offensive like, oh I don't know, "Go fuck yourself" to a sitting senator of the other party he would be roundly criticized by the right-wing media and possibly forced to resign, right? He definitely wouldn't do fawning interviews on Fox News and make a big joke out of it, right? Oh, wait...

CW in LA said...

You know, I was never a Biden fan when he was in the senate. But it seems to me he's actually made some effort to watch what comes out of his pie-hole since becoming VP.

I mean, really, what's the worst thing he's said since Jan. '09? I'll cheerfully give him a pass on "big F'in' deal" since, given the nature of the deliberative body it had to pass through, it was.