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Sunday, November 13, 2011

That damned Concept

What's Mallard raving about today?


Pssst. No one tell Mallard about the Turducken.


Tog said...

Whoops, Batshit forgot to try and draw some sort of connection between stupid-to-the-point-of-self-destruction animals and liberals.

...Meanwhile, the GOP is trying to decide whether they prefer the arrogant rapist, the guy threatening to nuke Iran because it's trying to obtain nukes because we keep threatening to nuke it, or the grifter who loves America so much it made him cheat on each of his wives.

Bill the Splut said...

"Turkeys unclear on the concept" is a good description of Bruce's hold on reality.

Kip W said...

Tin has inadvertently found the new symbol for a party that fools low-income people into supporting rich piggies who suck the money right out of their homes.

Of course, for Tinsley, every day is turkey day.

Frank Stone said...

Cartoonists unclear on the concept: Turkey feathers don't have hairs on them, Brucie.

Steve-O said...

"Turkeys unclear on the concept"


Did Bruce leave out some words or maybe an apostrophe? Shouldn't it say "Turkeys ARE unclear on the concept" or "This turkey's unclear on the concept". For a guy like Tinsley who usually uses twice as many words as needed this is unusual. And I still don't know what "concept" he's fucking talking about.

rewinn said...

Brewsky is "unclear on the concept" of Sunday comic.
PRO TIP: they provide color and a larger available space for a greater exercise of creativity. Of course, that means a little more work, which obviously wasn't done this week.

rewinn said...

COMPLETELY UNRELATED BUT FUN: David Brin, the only sane Libertarian, Crushes Frank Miller's attack on OWS.

rewinn said...

Hmmm ... that link seems broken. Try ... it's worth your time.

MartyRotten said...

So now he's stealing jokes from Mr. Boffo (the guy who invented the "unclear on the concept" joke) in order to profile turkeys as stupid.

deepbeep said...

rewinn, I loved that article. David Brin is one of my favorite intellectuals and in that article he managed to do all of the following:
- smacked down Frank Miller's boneheaded screed
- articulated everything I hate about "300": evil, historically inaccurate, anti-democratic propaganda
- reminded us that we owe our entire to civilization to Athens. Not just their ideas, but also the bravery of their Minuteman style army of free citizens. And certainly not to Sparta, who was so repressive that they eventually collapsed due to slave revolts.
- linked to a great video about Marathon. What an amazing battle that saved western civilization.

One thing I wish he would have mentioned was Leonidas' "boy-lover" slur against Athenians, when the real Spartans had institutionalized pederasty.

Rootbeer said...

"Turkeys unclear on the concept" would be a better title for this comic strip than the one it has.

"Turkeys unclear" would also be a good reCaptcha solution.