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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Those damned Protestors

What's Mallard raving about today?

Occupy Wall Street

Nope, Mallard. Everyone in the neighborhood was throwing garbage at you because they hate you.

Keep up your feeble efforts to discredit the protesters, however. Your impotent fury is quite funny to watch.


Tog said...

The perfect conflation of STOOPID HIPPIES and YOU KIDS GIT OFFA MY LAWN. Congratulations, Batshit.

I had a fun fight on a non-political forum the other day; when I mentioned the veteran protestor who got his skull fractured by cops in Oakland, one vehemently anti-OWS jackass insisted that the military was "just like any other job" (including, specifically, working at a fast food place) and no big deal, so police brutality was A-OK.

Another began ALL-CAPPING at me that OWS was making it "more difficult" for her "loved one*" to get an organ transplant. The thread was locked before I could ask her how that worked. (eyeroll)

*When someone talks themselves into a corner, they always abruptly come up with a "loved one" whose situation makes them an unquestionable expert. Just like the "soldier in a war zone = working at McDonalds" jackass, who sprouted a veteran that they "lived with," instantly transforming callous, ignorant stupidity into GENIUS. Except, not.

Kip W said...

Those dirty hippies didn't clean up Mallard's filthy lawn! They didn't even pick up his empty bottles! What the hell are lower classes for, anyway?

rewinn said...

Wall Street trashed our economy, but at least it left the lawns neat and tidy.

Of course, it took them in foreclosure when people lost their job. HEY! ever wonder how Mallard paid his mortgage while he was out of work?

Frank Stone said...

In the time it took Mallard to finish his "thought", his cup of coffee stopped steaming.

Those alcoholic blackouts are a real pain, aren't they, Mallard?

Tog said...

Re Herman Munster Cain: What a difference a day makes, huh, Batshit?

"Oh, wait, I DID have a sexual harassment case...but I forgotted it."

Mr C said...

Hey Mallard - If your lawn was filthy it was because you were throwing your empty OLD MILWAUKEE cans out of your living room window and onto your front lawn! It's what all rednecks who hate Halloween do.

DiR said...

Since Ducks has yet to actually post a rebuttal to OWS, I can only assume he has none.

Anonymous said...

"Apparently," the duck had never noticed during Halloween how most of the trick-or-treaters were costumed. Makes sense??