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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

Words aren't all you have, Mallard. Your actions could support current Veterans as something other than a political prop. But, you know, that'll never happen so, you know, carry on fetishizing the Military you giant hypocrite.

Update: I saw this today and wanted to add it to the post: Unemployment for Young Vets: 30%, and Rising. But, of course, one-term for President Obama is more important than the economy, jobs, or veterans, so, you know, keep on carrying that water, Mallard.


Tog said...

When Jay Kennedy died, Batshit paused (very) briefly in his endless vicious demonization and ill-wishing of "stoopit liberuls" to pretend some of his best friends were lefties.

I thought that was as low as Batshit could go until he ran his own father's corpse up a flagpole so everyone could see him salute it for Veterans' Day (which he should be congratulated for remembering this year).

You stood silent with your "misgivings" and maligned those who fought against putting America into the Iraq Quagmire, Batshit. I can't imagine any veteran giving a tinker's piss about your faux-patriotism now. But I'm sure your sock puppet "Hank" is looking for a way to praise you most highly over at Comics Curmudgeon*.

*Noobs be warned: Don't mention MF at CC or you get banhammered because it "contributes nothing to the discussion" of such important topics as "Does The Amazing Spider-Man suck as badly or worse than Marvin?" and "Anybody here read Crock? Anyone at all?"

dlauthor said...

Words aren't all you have, Bruce. You may not have noticed, but comic strips also include images. So you could have, I dunno, drawn something other than the usual hastily scribbled duck to honor your father. A portrait of him. A picture of a more generic veteran. Hell, even the American flag. YOU COULD HAVE PUT IN SOME DAMN EFFORT.

Of course, that would have meant taking more than three minutes away from guzzling "research," so probably not, you lazy, sanctimonious prick.

Rootbeer said...

My sincere condolences to Bruce Tinsley and family on losing his father earlier this year.

CW in LA said...

See, because he said, "Today AND every day", that means Brews is totally covered for every time he forgets or just plain blows off Veterans' Day to keep indulging in some insipid bit of hate-mongering.

PS: Plop.

Kip W said...

I'm taking the day off. Not getting on somebody for saluting his recently dead dad on Veteran's Day. I'll call mine instead.

Andrew said...

I can't really argue with the sentiment, and I certainly sympathize with Mr. Tinsley's loss.

I can, however, say that if your going to use "Words aren't enough, but they're all I have to say..." maybe the character should actually say them, instead of speaking them.

Oh, and Tog- that's why this board exists- to make fun of Mallard. CC is for all comics. The fact is, mentioning Mallard there fueled days of internet screaming on the comment boards, which are otherwise a lovely place to spend some time having fun. Mentioning Mallard was the only thing that consistently changed that. Thus, the ban. Not every board has to get ugly. Imagine this board if Tucci was still showing up.

Verifucation- bitato: You say bitato, I say bitato, she says it's spinach and she says to hell with it!

rewinn said...

I join with this board in offering condolences to Mr. Tinsley on the loss of his father.

But it is simply a lie to say that words are "all I have".

You have money and the vote, for example, that could be put to use getting veterans education and jobs. But of course that would be "Big Gummint".

You have a platform, however small, from which to demand JUSTICE for the 4000+ American servicemembers (and God knows how many Iraqis) done to death by George W Bush's lies about Iraq. Lying to Congress is a felony (18 USC 1001) and deaths that occur as the natural result of a felony is felony-murder: Q.E.D.

But seeking justice for our war dead would threaten your paycheck, would it not?

Steve-O said...


I remember being amazed at how partisan the Republicans in the senate were during the Bush years. Alberto Gonzalez was set to testify before one of the committees (I forget which one). They refused to make him swear in for the testimony over the objection of Russ Feingold. I was shocked that their partisanship overcame their desire to do what's best for the country. I'm not shocked anymore.

MartyRotten said...

Today's reprint of Charles Schulz's Peanuts was much more dignified and touching, and even humorous, than Tinsley's self rightous "tribute". But that's the difference between the talented and the talentless.

CW in LA said...

*Noobs be warned: Don't mention MF at CC or you get banhammered because it "contributes nothing to the discussion" of such important topics as "Does The Amazing Spider-Man suck as badly or worse than Marvin?" and "Anybody here read Crock? Anyone at all?"

I found Comics Curmudgeon because I was looking for a place to vent over Mallard's shittitude - This was before the ban that, as I recall, was imposed largely because any unflattering comment about the Duck caused Hank to go ape shit.

But I found keeping up with snark at the expense of a bunch of lousy comic strips too exhausting; I still prefer to concentrate on the one lousiest. Maybe a side foray dissing Prick City on occasion would be nice.

You know, from what I understand Charles Schulz was very conservative in his politics. However, he also had a sense of humor, introspection, a conscience, and faith in the free market: He may have sold out his characters a whole lot, but there was sure never any question of subsisting on wingnut welfare.

Tog said...

I'd like to apologize to you all for my original post. Not to Batshit, he can go screw himself; just you guys. I know I cross the line of good taste on a regular basis but that was a step too far.

As for the Curmudgeon crack...I understand why the ban is in place (I've had my own run-in with Hank over there, maybe the very one CW in LA is thinking of); I was just tickled by the official reasoning behind the ban.

Kip W said...

The Duck ban at the CC is an example of the GOP tactic of playing the ref. "If you don't lay off our pet topic, we'll make your life a living hell every time."

It works.

rewinn said...

"...Duck ban at the CC is an example of the GOP tactic of playing the ref...." ... true but, in that case, is especially amusing in that it is self-defeating.

CC drives traffic to comics. It is better to be talked about than to be ignored. It is even BETTER to be criticized because then you can improve.

Conservative refusal to engage in constructive debate has set itself on a downward, shrinking spiral ... kind of like doctrinaire Marxists of another generation ... and I say, welcome to hell!

MartyRotten said...

CW Schulz, in an interview, defined conservative as "acting responsibly" something a lot of conservatives today, Tinsley included, seem incable of doing.

Anonymous said...

Too bad tinz,Be now that your daddy has bit the dust we can a lot those funds used to support his lazy ass for more important things.

Think what I said was bad bruce? Imagine reading your tripe for days on end.