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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter, everyone.


Lagomorph Man said...

Easter is a dumb holiday.

There. I said it.

rewinn said...

Easter is about resurrection, rebirth, renewal ... the idea older than written history that although winter can be hard, spring always comes.

Tinkley, The Laziest Man In Comics (tm), cannot express this idea in a drawing because he does not like what Easter is about:


Anonymous said...

Incidentally, the "End of the Age" this passage reference to is coming up on us mighty quick (google gives me anywhere from 2000 to 2090 AD). There's a great deal of astrology and pagan symbolism in the bible; Jesus was supposed to usher in the new Age of Aquarius, which is why you might notice a lot of watery-themes about him.

Some people take this to mean that when the Age of Aquarius is over, it's time for some good old Apocalypsing and Rapturing. Me, I think it just means that people back then couldn't conceptualize "forever", so the writers had to give a very very long reference point.

Oh, and Ducky; I know your face was horribly deformed by years of being an unhappy prick, but is the 0_o expression REALLY necessary here?

Michael Foley said...

Mallard Fillmore can't do anything justice. At least he admits it in this comic, unlike his eulogy of Bill Buckley.

GeoX, who is here to stay, like it or not. said...

Also sex, rewinn. Let's not forget teh sex. Hence the symbolism of eggs, chickies, and bunnies. There is indeed a lot of pagan stuff mixed up with the Christian.

Today's strip is inoffensive, but that's because it's exactly NOTHING. Not that one generally expects brilliance from cartoonists (Bill Watterson notwithstanding), but "this can't be expressed, so I'm not even going to try" business? The Renaissance would have been dead on arrival if that had been the prevalent attitude in Italy at the time.

Lagomorph Man said...


"Well, see, I was going to go with angels, God, and all that Heavenly stuff for the Sistine Chapel's ceiling, but I can't recreate it with 100% perfection, so I just drew some scribbles, a couple of dogs, and a duck."