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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Those damned rules

What's Mallard raving about today?

Michele Obama, The Media, Sexism.

Yet another example of an unintentionally creepy self-revelation.

In this case it's the fact that whenever Mallard discusses what women are wearing he expects to be decried as a sexist, raising the question of just what is it he's saying to these women?


Michael said...

Mallard, you're the one watching that program. None of my news or entertainment sources describe what the First Lady is wearing. If you want something more intellectual, may I recommend NPR or PBS?

exanonymous said...

Already covered by the Daily show, particularly with Samantha Bee's proposed outfits.

Much funnier too.

dlauthor said...

Tinshley: Lookit the hooters on that broad!

Tinshley's "wife": Shut up, you pig.

Tinshley: They say things about ladies with the wearing of the pretty dresses on the TV! If I are sexist, then them are too! (passes out)

Anonymous: He's right, you know. Here are links to Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, and some random guy with food in his beard shouting at the benches in the bus terminal!

12xuser said...

So much that's fucked up here:

First of all, he's got scare quotes on "sexist", which means that he believes that "sexist" is not even a legitimate concept.

Then, he's saying that he would expect that whatever Fox News (what else?) TV program he watches would not cover fashion, because it's "sexist".

Then, he has this straw woman taking responsibility for what is blabbering out of his TV set. This is the major unintentional revelation that I see. Tinsley blames all women for the idiocy of TV news.

Jazzbumpa said...

And look how the female straw character embraces the inscrutable canard, thereby reinforcing the "sexist" subtext. Sometimes Tinkley is pretty clever -- for a drunken neaderthal.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

You know what? I'm gonna have to go with Tinsley on this one (while at the same time pointing out that Chantelle is a total straw woman here). But only to some extent. Yeah, Michelle Obama's become a style icon, and that's fine if you want to highlight her in segments on fashion. But if you cover what she's wearing at the expense of what she's doing -- policies she supports, causes she champions -- when that's what you're supposed to cover, that's a tad sexist. The first lady, let's face it, doesn't have a whole lot of serious responsibilities (lots of charity functions, speaking engagements), so it's forgivable if the media don't focus on those contributions very much. However, when Hillary Clinton was running for president, the press often focused on what she was wearing (ha! pantsuits! OMG she's got cleavage today!) instead of her policy positions, which they should have been covering during the campaign. And that's not only sexist, it's detrimental to our democracy. It robs us of the ability to be informed about her positions on matters of substance.

WV -- pigsmam. Seems apropos.

Michael said...

Does anyone else find it interesting that Mallard only seems to be interested in black women? Chantel has spent the night at Mallard's house yet again, as evidenced by the fact that she made coffee and is using the toaster; Mallard is watching a TV program about what Michele Obama is wearing, while wearing no pants; and we can't see where his right arm is.

Another unintentional self-revelation: Mallard isn't just a racist, he's a self-hating one!

Anonymous said...

The rant only works if you operate under the assumption that the MSM operates in lockstep under orders from George Soros, Micheal Moore, and Daily Kos, which explains why ducky thinks he's clever and pointed.

If you like in reality, you realize that the whole Michelle Obama fashion segments on the news are in lockstep with what liberals have been saying for the better part if a decade, 'wow, the media is pretty goddamn stupid, huh?'

Kaitlyn said...

I second what Gold-Digging Nanny said.

However, I doubt Mallard meant it that way.

rewinn said...

Chantelle's word balloon is all about the Mystery of Women, but her thought balloon (not shown) reads: "You just noticed that corporate talking heads can be sexist? "