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Friday, April 03, 2009

That damned Gastrointestinal Humor

What's Mallard raving about today?

White Castle, The Economy.

Mallard has spent more time thinking about the significance of Mini Burgers than, well, pretty much anything else I can think of.


exanonymous said...

I seem to recall mini-burgers being menu items for places like Applebees and a few other more restaurant-type burger places two years ago.

It just kind of throws the whole thing off.

Michael said...

We already have a collectibles tag in 2009, is Tinsley shooting for a miniburger tag now?

On top of the White Castle burger, is that a...?

Johaely said...

Tinsley has the munchies.

NLC said...


Enough is enough!!

Don't you go insulting my White Castles, now!!

(Doing time here on the east coast where we can only get the frozen kind...)

12xuser said...

That's a punch line? "I believe 'visionary' is the word you're struggling for...."? If White Castles were called White Visions or Vision Castles, maybe. Then it would be a play on the name.

If that's a punch line, he could do that every day and have a joke. Just stop before the last word of your statement and have someone say "I believe 'economy' is the word you're struggling for...."

WV: sublyp, as in "I believe 'sublyp' is the word you're struggling for...."

Rootbeer said...

Haha, it's funny because White Castle actually WAS visionary! Back in the 1920s!

Squid Vicious said...

I don't know how the rest of the country rolls on this one, but here in DC we call mini-burgers "sliders" and pretty much any bar worth its salt sells them for drinkers with the munchies. How is that a product of the current recession?

Rootbeer said...

"the sudden appearance of 'mini-burgers' ... on the menus of nearly every fast-food chain ..."

Okay, just limiting to chains that are best known for burgers...

Burger King: yes
Checkers/Rally's: no
Fatburger: no
Five Guys: no
Hardee's/Carl's Jr.: no
In-N-Out: no
Jack In The Box: yes
Krystal: yes
McDonald's: no
Sonic: no
Wendy's: no
Whataburger: no
White Castle: yes


NLC said...

Okay, just limiting to chains that are best known for burgers...

Similarly, KFC (at least locally) has started carrying something that they call "Snackers", which are basically White Castle-sized chicken sandwiches (at N times the price of a White Castle).

(Hmmm.... maybe we could get them to think about duck-based mini sandwiches ...)

[WV: chedeur: The type of cheeze used by White Castle. Anybody know where I can an orange drink?]

wavydavy said...

Oh, c'mon people, give poor Tinkley a break. I think this is his attempt at realism, as I am sure that in his "real" world, mini-burgers do, indeed, talk.

Well, if you drink enough, that is.

Rey said...

NLC, I remember ducking out to KFC for Snackers whenever my high school had open campus and I had a couple bucks. This was back in the late '80's.

Michael said...

I'm pretty sure that table is a hexagon. Is White Castle so unhealthy that their tables are coffin-shaped?

Robert said...

McDonald's does have sliders, but they call them "hamburgers".

WV= hotomemp. awesome.