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Monday, April 06, 2009

That damned joke

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, President Obama.

I confess to having not paid much attention to the argle-bargle over President Obama's joke because, at that time, I was concerned with things that...well...matter.

At any rate, however, the fact that I know it happened and I know that President Obama subsequently apologized pretty much disproves everything Mallard is suggesting.


Factinista said...

Looks like Mallard suddenly cares about political correctness!

GeoX said...

Yeah, it's really touching that all the conservatives appear to have taken crash courses in sensitivity training. I'm sure we'll still see this concern in evidence even when it doesn't offer opportunities for scoring cheap political points.

Michael said...

The mainstream media sure hated having to trot that story out every hour for an entire week.

exanonymous said...

3 week delay and it's obvious that the MSM isn't having a love affair with Obama anymore. Foreign press, yes, ironically even when the countries are in disagreement.

But that denies Mallard the ability to be victimized.

nlc said...

Hey Bruce, here's a suggestion for a killer future strip:

Get a couple of quotes from Chelsea Clinton about the great sensitivity of the wingnut press.

Be sure to ask about the "family dog" quip and John McCain's "daughter of Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno" knee slapper.

Surely she'll recall how roundly these were denounced by Fox and the others.

rewinn said...

Here's a complete list of corporate media-types who criticized the press for reporting this story:

Anonymous said...

"concerned with things that...matter." Too bad you don't think it matters when the President mocks the handicapped on national television. I thought Bush was dumb, but between Obama and Biden we have a race for stupidity that's too close to call.

wavydavy said...

Oh, TinzAnon, that's so cute. May I make the obvious joke and say that even if your opinion of Obama and Biden were even remotely close to the truth (which, of course and as usual, it isn't), they would still be a distant second to you in the Stupidity Olympics. (Notice I said "Stupidity", not "Special", so don't go all PC on me.)

nlc said...

Anonymous's note above summarizes for me the level of b@llsh@t in this class of wingnut attack.

Did Obama say something clumsy, something dumb. Yes, that goes without saying. (And he he apologized profusely for it.)

But that's not the issue here.

Rather Anonymous above --in standard wingnut fashion-- is asking us to believe that Obama got up on stage and purposefully, intentionally ridiculed the handicapped.

Is he really asking us to believe that that is actually possible?

The issue here isn't even something that's factually, demonstrably false (e.g. "Obama is a muslim"). Instead this is something that's so patently absurd --on the level of claiming that Obama is from Mars-- that you have to ask why these people aren't laughed off the screen.

Don't you want to just grab these fools --and the idiots who listen to them-- by the collar, shake them and scream "Use your head, people!"

This goes beyond lying. It's like the who Al Gore smear. Can you really believe that we are so stupid as to accept that someone like Al Gore would stand up in front of a group of people and actually, seriously claim to "have invented the internet" or to "have discovered Love Canal"?

Again, set aside the fact that the falsehood of any of this can be demonstrated with a 3 minute Google search. It's so incredibly, plainly, insultingly stupid.

Michael said...

Maybe so, NLC, but did you know that Obama doesn't know how many states there are?!

Chyron HR said...

So when is the GOP going to apologize for the prank they played on that poor retarded woman last year? You know, making her a VP candidate so she'd become a national laughingstock?

MartyRotten said...

Obama said the wrong thing and apologized. Bush said a whole bunch of wrong things and NEVER apologized. Neither did Bush Sr. or Reagan.

What Obama said didn't send thousands of our troops off to their deaths and bring ruin to the country of Iraq like when Bush said things like "Saddam Hussein is harboring weapons of mass destruction!"

By the way, does anybody have the Mallard Fillmore strip where he tore Rush Limbaugh a new one for his insensitive commentary about the Special Olympics? I'd like to see that (but I suspect that it doesn't exist.)

rewinn said...

uhm, folks ... didn't you see the Whitey Tape?