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Saturday, April 11, 2009

That damned racism...again

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama, Racism.

I enjoy watching the Republicans reinforce their irrelevance every single day with petulance.


NLC said...

Hmmm... Hard to know which obvious point to make about this one?

1] Assuming that he made any, exaplain to Tinsley that "jokeS" is simply a lie.

2] Underscore the pointless, non-logical --and not to mention simply lazy-- dragging out (again) of the "Is X racist" strawman.

2] Ask for an explanation as to why constantly, repeatedly, harping on a non-issue like this --for which Obama has profusely apologizes-- is "legitimate criticism", while simply pointing out the criminal lies, the trashing of the Constitution, and the (likely) irrecoverable damage to the economy that his predecessor was responsible for --and for which no one has made a hint of an apology-- amounts "irrational hatred".

[WV in a sentence: "I have been spifyisc in my criticism."]

jazzbumpa said...

Per NCL's #2, re: laziness Tinkley also gets to recycle the odious Blallard crotch shot image. Eeeeewww.

I guess, to Tinkley, no horse is truly dead if a casual observed can still recognize the flayed and bleached skeleton.

What a wanker.

12xuser said...

It is my fervent hope that someday, with the combined efforts of brave conservative cartoonists and pundits, we will be able to persuade the President that he should stop making all those Special Olympics jokes. I mean, one is funny, two amusing, but to go on day after day, making fun of people whose only crime is the specialness of their Olympics, is just cruel.

Please, Mr. Obama, have you no shame? For the love of God, terminate these incessant attacks!

GeoX said...

Is thinking that President Bush shouldn't make jokes about the non-existent WMDs that he sent our troops to die for prejudiced against the mentally handicapped? Somebody tell me!

MartyRotten said...

Understanding that these strips were done three weeks ago I would like to point out that even by the end of the week, on which it happened, nobody cared about Obama's "Special Olympics" remark. At this point, Tinsley seems to be the only one who cares about it at all. I had no idea he was such a supporter of the Special Olympics. Does anybody have the strips from about a decade or two ago when Rush Limbaugh dumped all over them? I'm still trying to find those and am beginning to suspect they don't even exist.
And today's strip is completely hypocritical since during the first years of the Bush administration I heard neo cons blames everything, including 9/11, on Bill Clinton.

rewinn said...

If Mallard is supposed to be some sort of TV NewsDuck, why isn't it the DUCK that's on TV asking the questions?

If Tinkley too ashamed of the stupidity of this line of attack to put it in the mouth of his alter ego?

jazzbumpa said...

rewinn -

No. Tinkley has no shame.

Patrick said...

The President made a tasteless joke (with himself as the intended target) and then later apologized for it publicly. The nation pretty much shrugged and moved on.

Seeing MF make strip after strip on the subject is just sad.

exanonymous said...

Here's a clue:

If you have to keep bringing up the idea that something is racist, you are probably racist.

I had forgotten Obama was black. Until Mallard brought it up again.

Michael said...

Tinsley strikes me as the type of person who says, "I'm not racist, but..."