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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Those damned reporters

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama. The Media, Michele Obama

Stupid media!

Why won't they transcribe the unhinged complaining of the extreme radical wing of the Republican Party (currently known as "The Republican Party") and call it Truth!

It was so much simpler when they just followed orders.


Michael said...

Mallard's feet seem to be pointing in the wrong direction. It's like he moved the ottoman a foot to the right. That, plus the slouch, can't be good for one's posture.

dragoknight14 said...

Well, I could point out things like how Obama is still technically in what political scientists call the honeymoon period of government where he is going to be viewed incredibly favorably by the public and press. We also saw this in the first few days after September 11th where people were generally more trusting in the president and felt greater approval at his decisions.

I could also point out how Obamas trip was meant to help us earn goodwill with other nations which we need for both economic and security reasons. Or I could mention that Obama handled himself fairly well on the trip, made some major speeches and seemed to be at home discussing politics and trying to deal with the crises our nation faces.

I could point to all of that and say that the media is pointing to positive things the government is doing. I could argue that international press coverage of the events seemed to also go in
Obamas favor. I could do all of this, but I won't. Instead I'll say that I just hope that Obama does what's right for the country.

exanonymous said...

This is sadly reminiscent of the guys claiming no taxation without representation at the tea parties. "It isn't what I think so it mustn't be so!".

Obama does quite well on his European trips. Europeans like him. They would vote for him. This is coming from people in countries with more than 2 parties to chose from in an election that has them used to sticking with a more narrow party view.

confused said...

Careful there, Dragoknight14. For the last eight years, it was unpatriotic to so much as think about questioning the sitting Commander in Chief. But today, we are supposed to want the same position to fail if we love our country. Don't you have the talking points??

rewinn said...

Today's "comic" in brief:

"Wa-a-ah! Obama is succe-e-e-esful! That is so unfair!"====

@Michael: of course the ottoman is a foot to the right. Mallard is not only a right-WING duck, he's a right-FOOT duck! ( * rimshot! * )


@confused: formerly the reichwing was angry when the press accurately reported a presidential failure; now the reichwing is angry when the press accurately reports a presidential success. CHANGE!

xy said...

wow, i wasn't expected to get linked by such a great site, thanks!

also, Mallard constantly makes me laugh in unintended ways and confuses me with things that i never though could confuse me.

Squid Vicious said...

I see Tinkley screwed the pooch with the dialog on this one, too. To whit, some reporters think the President had a great European trip and other reporters disagree and think the First Lady is awesome. What? Faulty comparison here Tinkles. If you're comparing stuff, they ought to relate in some way.

Jazzbumpa said...

C'mon guys-- hasn't anyone given serious consideration to the notion that Michelle might actually BE more awesome than her husband?

Just askin' . . .