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Sunday, April 26, 2009

That damned time of year

What's Mallard raving about today?


Holy freaking cow.

NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, Start of a new MLB season.

Totally depressing time to watch sports.

At base, just another example of the fact that Mallard does not understand that the things which piss him off don't always have the same effect on everyone else.

Mallard is really coming unglued.


Factinista said...

So this means Mallard gets depressed by baseball, the American pastime. Why does he hate America?

exanonymous said...

I can't relate.

For one thing, being in Europe where football is getting going again (not American football, the other kind where the athletes are expected to run on the field for more than 30 seconds) means that there's plenty of rooting and drunks and physical sports.

It's also funny to see Mallard complaining about shuffleboard. Shuffleboard is what American football is to Australians and New Zealanders and really anybody who has serious rugby.

confused said...

I believe what Mallard is complaining about is that there are fewer drink specials right now.

NLC said...

OK, I'll skip any obvious jokes about why MF/Tinsley might find being in a bar of any type "depressing" and just point out this is a simple re-(re-(re-(re-)))statement of the "MF Criterion of Good Taste and Intelligent use of Leisure Time":

--Tinsley likes it: GOOD
--Tinsley doesn't like it (even if many/most other Americans do): EVIL

Coming Attractions: MF lectures us all about "elitism on the Left"

[WV: "busnetti": Small, european-style biscuits to be served on public transportation during the later Obama administration.]

Jazzbumpa said...

Tinkley is such a malcontent that if there is nothing legitimate to complain about, he just makes shit up.

But there is always SOMETHING to complain about, no matter what your perspective is. Today's strip is a great demonstration of Tinkley's intellectual laziness and failure of imagination.

I't's also stupid, as DaveyK pointed out.

It also begs the question, when is it not depressing to go to a sports bar?

I have to give this to Tinkley though - a great achievement in straw-universe creation. We now have straw sports.

WV: shersh, which I say while moving on . . .

rewinn said...

WTF are those lines around Mallard's head?

I'm guessing Tinkley is experimenting with action lines ... badly. The action lines should be oriented around the end of the bill, as the part that moves the most when the head turns.

But they're oriented around the eyes, indicating that ducky's vision is blurry, no doubt from alcohol. Props to Tinkley for experimenting (it almost compensates for the stupid text ... almost) but he needs to consult an expert.

GeoX said...

Hey, I like football too, but that doesn't mean I mope around in bars complaining about its absence. And Tinsley really shouldn't be spending time in bars, period.

Michael said...

Mallard is depressed because when he leaves the sports bar in a couple hours, that damned Jimmy will be right there waiting for him and won't let him drive home!

omg, those are the worst action lines ever. I drew them better in 6th grade. I can't believe this guy is a professional cartoonist. Another example of why Tinsley should never complain about affirmative action, because he is clearly the least qualified recipient of it.

Jazzbumpa said...

Tinkley is a professional cartoonist for the same reason Hannity is a professional commentator.

Skill, training, execution - those things are irrrelevant to the propagandist.

WV: quicr - Blallard's alleged head motions.

GeoX said...

I don't know--there is skill involved in being a good propagandist. Which make's Tinsley's success, such as it is, that much more bizarre.