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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That damned cutlass

What's Mallard raving about today?


Speaking as someone who has interviewed and hired many people...anyone carrying a cutlass into a job interview is pretty well screwed, pirate or not.


Rootbeer said...

I feel comfortable affirming at this point that this pirate-themed run of comic strips is just about un-PC sports team names, and has nothing to do with that big story about actual piracy that was in the news two to three weeks ago.

How is this a political cartoon again?

exanonymous said...

This joke would work so much better if the guy looked less angry. But I realize that in Mallard world the one-dimensional characters have to fit their stereotype. So Mr. PC MUST be angry.

But it's dumb. The Pirates movies weren't out too long ago and when someone says "pirate" most people still think "Jack Sparrow".

Anonymous said...

Outlaw cutlasses and soon only outlaws will have cutlasses. MF is obviously against the 2nd amendment.

rewinn said...

Rootbeer may be right.

If this week's pirate series were a reaction to the Somali pirates, Tinkley would have drawn Obama refusing to bomb the lifeboat because it contained childhood friends from his native village in Kenyomalia, followed by one where he orders three teenagers shot because they have a copy of his birth certificate, signed by Bill Ayers.

IIRC, those were the talking points during the actual "Pirategate Scandal"

xy said...

how many people are trying to get a job with a cutlass anyway? did Mallard try that at some point and he's just bitter that he didn't get the job?

Factinista said...


This is a political cartoon because it's the best the right can come up with.

Squid Vicious said...

The message here, folks, is simple:

Beard-wearing, latte-sipping, prius-driving, limp-wristed, egg-headed liberals want to coddle murderous, freedom-hating, islamofascist pirates.

Tinkley, the master of comic subtlety has hidden the following joke deeply in that message:

Islamofascist pirates (and suburban liberals) prefer soccer to baseball!

Get it? Get it?

Yeah, me neither.

Michael Foley said...

Complaining about racial stereotypes and racial discrimination is just as ridiculous as complaining about pirate discrimination! Ha!

Ginger said...

Oh, I don't know, says Mallard, I was denied that job as a kindergarden tutor because my literacy skills were grossly inadequate, I showed up drunk and I wouldn't stop talking about how slutty the girls dressed, so that cutlass thing actually doesn't sound so bad.

Marion Delgado said...

Barack Hussein Obama should never have thrown himself between the SEALs and the pirates, screaming ALLAHU AKHBAR!

But that's just one patriot's opinion.

Also: What would Mallard think if I had pirated Somalian music on my iPod?

Lagomorph Man said...

I understand, sort of, what Tinsley is going for. He's trying to say that "liberals" (whatever that word means anymore) try to make EVERYTHING politically correct and that they believe anything that could possibly offend anyone, anywhere, even a murdering rapist drug selling feminist (and they all are, aren't they? AMIRITE, fellas?)

He tries to show this by an obvious exaggeration, that we don't want to offend pirates. However, the problem is while, as George Carlin put it, in any joke SOMETHING has to be completely blown out of proportion, he takes it too far. The pirate analogy is so far beyond reality that all attempts of humor and wit are lost in the process.

This, of course, ignores the fact that it's also quite inaccurate (as was said above, the people aren't just okay with "offending" pirates, they celebrated their deaths) and addressing an issue absolutely NO ONE outside inebriated water fowl cares about.

You can almost smell the sense of longing on the strip, as if Tinsley secretly pines for Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton to say something to get black people up in arms so he can just shrug and go, "silly black people, there's no such thing as racism anymore!"

historyman68 said...

If the pirate situation had gone more tragically, I can almost guarantee these strips would have been pulled. It's a crazy coincidence that the 3-week lag made this kind of synergy.
I remember when Over the Hedge happened to have a storyline about the raccoon shooting the turtle (I don't remember the details, was a while ago) that ran on the day of the Columbine shooting. I think that led to the strip being dropped.

Jazzbumpa said...

Shorter BakaHoushi:
Tinkley is deep stoopid.

Just imagine his love child with Michelle Bachman.

Lagomorph Man said...

Nice summary.