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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Those damned strings

What's Mallard raving about today?

Taxes, Fat Cats, Congressional Junkets, Earmarks.

Come again?

Aren't we upset because they gave money away without strings attached and it got used to give the fat cats bonuses?

I suppose we should be happy that Mallard went through Tax Day without a mention of tea bags.


NotannonNotcow said...

Don't worry; he'll be mentioning tea bags in about three weeks.

rewinn said...

I'd like my taxes not to pay for invading other countries that don't threaten us.

In fact, if we didn't spend more money than the entire rest of the world COMBINED on our armed forces, we would save enough money to simply buy on the free market whatever valuable resources we are currently fighting over.

But then, that's just me. I don't live in a cartoon world

Jazzbumpa said...

Until Reagan, there was never a significant deficit that was not the direct result of war. Every economic problem we have today stems from some version of Republican fiscal idiocy.

Would it be craven of me to suggest that Blallard/Tinkley's money is not especially hard-earned?

wv: horlyche. How Republican congressmen like their women.

Squid Vicious said...

DaveyK, et al., Matt Taibbi does a great job of explaining why the Mallard Fillmore Fan Club is pissed off and tea bagging.

WV: hystono - the quivering state of erotic arousal Tinkley experiences when watching Eric Cantor on TV.

Marion Delgado said...

I had a row with the Mallard Fillmore people - the teabaggers - over by our post office.


WV: Swermian - the actual nationality of patriotic Teabaggers. synesse - what Mallard Fillmoreites have instead of actual finesse.

Anonymous said...

Marion Delgado said...

"I had a row with the Mallard Fillmore people - the teabaggers - over by our post office.


Wow! Marion, I would guess that really upset them. After your "row" they probably all went home and locked their doors :)

Anonymous said...

rewinn said...
"But then, that's just me. I don't live in a cartoon world."

Quite funny. The old bald guy with the bad teeth says he does not live in a cartoon world. Whenever I look at the comments from the MF haters he always seems to be here, every day. Must not have much going on in the world in which he lives.

Factinista said...

And yet you seem to have enough time to criticize said haters. What does that say about you?

Typing in bold makes anything look important!

GeoX, who is here to stay, like it or not. said...

I love the hell out of the fact that our troll disappears for days or weeks on end and then stumbles drunkenly back to spew random vitriol at people. He's like a sort-of friend you feel obligated to invite to a party you're having, to which he turns up already drunk, starts heaping abuse on your other guests, hits on your wife in the most vulgar way possible, and slams down a few more cocktails before throwing up on your shoes and passing out on the carpet. Not exactly pleasant, but kind of funny in retrospect.

rewinn said...

Given the choice, I'd rather be an old bald guy than a coward.

But Anonymous took the other path, and that has made all the difference.

Marion Delgado said...

I like the anonymous Tinz, too.

Actually, corporation lickspittle, I was confronted by one of the morons in question. He followed me on my bike - the herd of morons were blocking the only post office you can post your taxes after 5 pm - when working people - nothing you'd know about - have to do it if they've waited till the last day.

He followed me down the block and said, "hey studly, who you calling morons?"

I couldn't resist, I stopped my bike, faced him, and said, why, YOU actually - and pointed out the bad PR of blocking the post office and using a gay sex term for your phony patriot party.

I also said i was amused at the conflation of "studly" and "teabagging" and added that I had come on a bike, he had to drag his lazy ass there in a car, that I was there as a lone wolf, he was there as part of a herd of bleating sheep, so maybe studly was a good adjective after all. Then I turned my back on him and pedaled on, circling the crowd of morons to come in to the post office the back way. BTW I doubt he heard most of what I said because there was a lot of muttering from the rest of the mutton and I wanted to post my taxes, so I yelled a lot of it as I pulled away from his moronic stalker ass.

Thanks for reminding me how stupid you are, Tinz! And you should thank me for explaining to you what a row is.