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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Those damned fools

What's Mallard raving about today?

April Fool's Day, The Stimulus Plan.

Should anyone be worried that an Mallard can't comprehend something?


exanonymous said...

I'm quite certain Mallard could find somebody to explain the stimulus bill to him.

However, it might require more googling than "Explain the stimulus bill". Or waiting for somebody to send him a link.

For someone who mocks journalism, he certainly makes no effort himself.

Michael said...

Is this a critique of the lack of economists on TV? Or is Mallard really this ignorant of basic Keynesian economics? Rhetorical question. I wouldn't expect Mallard to turn off the TV and do 10 minutes of internet research.

Hey Mallard, since you're admitting that you don't know your economic ass from your elbow, how about you STFU on anything economics related? While the non-mouthbreathers worry about averting a Japanese lost decade, you can complain about TV commercials and the BCS. Hey, Mallard, there really should be some kind of tournament to decide who's number one, am I right?!

confused said...

The meaning of this comic is pretty clear to me: Fox News has been unable (or unwilling) to explain the stimulus bill.

BakaHoushi said...

I can explain the bill in a few sentences:
Basically, spending money on schools, bridges, and hospitals saves more money, in the long term, than it does to spend it on bombs, bullets, and B42's to blow up schools, bridges, and hospital. Furthermore--

Goddammit, put down the whisky, turn off the Drudge report and listen! And put away that gold Ronald Reagan statue!

wavydavy said...

Giant FAIL for two reasons (well, in addition to all the usual ones):

#1 -- Mallard doesn't ever deliver the actual punch line, "April Fool!" Even a 5-year-old knows it isn't really an April Fool's joke until you scream that at your victim.

#2 -- Just exactly how does Mallard "get" his victim every year with this joke? Have there been years prior to 2009 where someone needed to explain the stimulus bill to him? Because, IIRC, the stimulus bill was just passed THIS YEAR.

Like I said, this is, of course, in addition to the usual nonsense from Tinkley.

WV: stershed. When Tinkley gets smashed and falls (or climbs) into a dumpster, he is "stershed".

rewinn said...

Breaking News - Construction workers at the first "shovel-ready" stimulus project (a bridge in Missouri) threw down their tools in disgust when they learned their efforts would only prolong the economic crisis.

"I thought working would be good for the economy because I could buy food for my family," growled a burly foreman, "Instead I learn that putting people to work is bad for the economy. That makes me mad!"

"Down with jobs!" shouted a front-loader operator. "Let the economy take its course. I'd rather sell my children than take government money to repair a bridge in my community!"

Tools lay in the mud as workers stomped off enraged. "We want better returns on our derivative-backed security portfolio," they chanted, "Infrastructure is for pansies!"


April Fool!

Rootbeer said...

For someone who mocks journalism, he certainly makes no effort himself.

Tinsley, or Mallard?

The duck is ostensibly a journalist himself, yet we see him slouched in an chair watching TV news five times as often as we see him participating in the creation of TV news...

rewinn said...

Today's Medium Large has a delightful take on Mallard here